Tma 02 Reflective Practice E105 Essay

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Tma 02 My Professional Practice: Where am I now ?
Includes statement of Ethical consideration

My Role
I currently work as a nursery nurse in a private day nursery. I am based within the 0-2 room. I have been here 3 years and have gained a lot of experience caring for this age group.
My duties involve me observing the children and planning activities for them following the curriculum guidance for the early years foundation stage 2012 (EYFS).
I am also responsible for the day to day care of the children ensuring that I am providing them with a warm,clean and safe environment for them to learn and explore following my companies policies and procedures at all times.

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These are set out for us by our management team who are responsible for ensuring that I and my team members are carrying out our roles as stated within the companies policies and procedures.
Within my setting we have a management team of three who are responsible for the running of the nursery and overseeing the planning and management of staff ensuring that we carry out our roles correctly. The practitioners within the rest of my nursery all have set roles such as behaviour management,room leader,first aid box monitor. I can see that from reading Jones and pound (2008)(E105,book 1,p.24) the phrase 'leadership''supporting the idea that early years provision is too demanding to be met exclusively by one person'.That this links to my setting as we are a fairly large nursery and it would be far too much for one person to take on alone.

For PP5,partnership effectively with parents,colleagues and other professionals',I have graded myself a 3 this is because I feel that I am a really strong member of the team that I work with I have grown in confidence over the years that I have been working in the childcare sector and have gained varied experiences from the different roles that I have carried out over the years working with parents,colleagues and other professionals. On a daily basis I liaise with parents sharing information on their child’s development and information on their day. I am involved in parents evenings which we have twice a year this gives us the opportunity to share information with parents in a more detailed way than we do on our daily chats,however when a child starts our setting we will have an induction with the parent where I can get to know them and explain how the room works and ask any questions and inform them that I will be working on a learning journey for their child and it is available to be seen at any time and that they don't have to wait for parents evening to see this. As a setting we also try to get parents involved by encouraging them to write wow moments of things that children have achieved whilst at home or to bring in photographs of events they have been to .From reading (E105 book 1 p.46 )'When parents and schools work together,children do better.(Scottish Executive,2006,p.5)'Close working between early years practitioners and parents is vital for the identification of children’s learning needs and to ensure a quick response to any area of difficulty.'(DCSF,2008d,p.10).I am able to see the importance of the involvement of the children's parents form the study material as cited in (E105 book 1, p.47) Involving parents in decision -making and participation in the setting is seen to have a positive effect on children,parents and teachers(Einarsdottir and Gasrdarsdottir,(2009). We feel that it is important to listen to parents and value their opinions and suggestions.(Reader 2 Chapter 4 p .45 )' Parent Partnership and inclusion in the early years 'reflecting on practice' section of the principles into practice...

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