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Tma 02: The Influence Of Piaget And Vygotsky On My Practice

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TMA 02: The influence of Piaget and Vygotsky on my practice
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Questions | Piaget | Vygotsky |
What was the theorist’s main interest in child development?Include a reference to the study materials in your answer to this question | Piaget's theory is focused on cognitive development in children ranging from birth to 11yrs+ "Piaget's main interest was in the nature of knowledge and how it relates to an organisms adaptation to the environment in which it develops" (Book 1:Practitioners and children, 2012 p.93)Piaget's approach to is fundamental to a play-based curriculum and felt that children should be actively involved in their own learning. | Vygotsky's, cultural-historical ...view middle of the document...

Also that children can perform more difficult tasks with the help of a more advanced individual and tasks that are challenging promote cognitive development growth, play is important and allows children to stretch themselves cognitively.Vygotsky identified two levels of development: actual development, which is the upper limit of tasks a child can perform individually, and level of potential development, which is the upper limit of tasks a child can perform with the assistance of a more competent individual. Vygotsky described this as the zone of proximal development , or commonly referred to as ZPD. ZPD is the range of tasks that a child can perform with the help and guidance of others but cannot yet perform independently. |
What are the main similarities of the two perspectives?Include some references to the study materials in your answer to this question | 'The work of psychologist Jean Piaget (1869-1980) revealed for the first time that in many ways it makes much more sense to think of the child as writing the book as he develops. Knowledge and understanding are arrived at by the child's own constructive mental work'(Book 1:Practitioners and children, 2012 p.93)"Vygotsky is another theorist who took a constructivist approach to children's thinking believing that children are active in their learning and thinking" (Childcare and education 4th edition, 2007, Tassoni et al, p.70)"Vygotsky came, independently, to much the same conclusions as Piaget about the constructive nature of development, made remarkably similar observations about how practical activities become internalised and become tools for thought" (Book 1:Practitioners and children, 2012 p.98) |
What are the main differences between the two perspectives?Include some references to the study materials in your answer to this question | Piaget believed that intelligence and cognitive develop in parallel with a child's social development. Piaget, felt that the child was more independent and that development was guided by self-cantered, focused activities."In his view, thought, language and social development all depend on the pre-development of underlying 'intelligence'." (Book 1:Practitioners and children, 2012 p.99) | On the other hand, Vygotsky believed that the child is a social being, and cognitive development is led by social interactions. "Vygotsky saw children as 'apprentices', learning and gaining understanding through being with others" (Childcare and education 4th edition, 2007, Tassoni et al, p.70) "Vygotsky saw that adults need to be actively involved with children and young people"(Childcare and education 4th edition, 2007, Tassoni et al, p.71) |
What are some of the challenges and criticisms of the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky? | First, critics argue that by describing tasks with confusing terms and using overly difficult tasks, Piaget under estimated children's abilities.Second, Piaget's theory predicts that thinking within a particular stage would be similar...

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