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To Conform Or To Change: What Will Your Verse Be?

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To Conform or To Change: What Will Your Verse Be?

When it comes to the subject of death, one may realize that their life is temporary,
hence, they try their best to live with the short period of time they have. Although the idea
of “living life to the fullest” essentially means living an exceptional life and never wasting
any opportunity given to you, many would take this in a different context and use it as an
opportunity to do something reckless. Furthermore, people would use the quote carpe diem
as a valid excuse to do something irresponsible. Though to some extent it may be
acceptable, but the idea of carpe diem does not center on ...view middle of the document...

The school had a distinct controlled atmosphere that was shown
evidently throughout the whole movie. In the beginning, you could already see how
traditions were exemplified –from the traditional bagpipes and the long parade of the
principal to the four pillars the students had to memorize. The teachers also exercised
orthodox teaching methods like how ideal poems should be measured. Additionally, hitting
stubborn students on the behind with wooden bats were still put into practice. From the

aforementioned details in the movie, you can see how strict Welton is and how the
professors have jurisdiction over everything, especially their students.
In contrast to the conventional way of how the professors taught, the students were
exposed to a refreshing teaching method by the liberal and newly arrived Mr. Keating who
was a student himself from Welton Academy many years ago. With his unorthodox
teaching methods, it then connotes that not all graduates from Welton turn out to be
exactly the same as what the institution upholds. Keating represented innovation and
freethinking. From the way he teaches, and the way he guides his students, it was obvious
that he was not going to give in to conformity just like the rest of the school.
On the first day of class Keating enters the classroom whistling, lighting up the
tensed up mood. He then led his students outside the hallways where he conducted his first
class –something no teacher in the Academy would do. He tells the boys to call him “Oh
Captain, my Captain” instead of the usual name the students call their professors. During
another session, he tells his students to rip the pages of their book, which also
demonstrates freedom of expression and non-conformity. He made them stand up on their
tables to be able to see a different perspective about things. Dr. Keating wanted his
students to think for themselves, to have a mind of their own. Dr. Keating encourages his
students to seize the day, to live deep, and with purpose.
Despite his good intentions for his students, Keating’s actions did not turn out
favorable to him. It actually did him more harm than good. His teaching methods soon
circulated the faculty who disdain his liberal way of teaching. Moreover, his students took
his advice to “seize the day” too far, which led to a handful of problems.
Knox Overstreet,...

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