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To Investigate The Trajectory Of A Small Ball As It Rolls Off A Surface Which Is

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Title :
To investigate the trajectory of a small ball as it rolls off a surface which is
inclined to the horizontal

Objectives :
To investigate the trajectory of a two dimensional motion.

Apparatus and Materials:
1. Ramp
2. Wooden block
3. Pendulum bob
4. Plumb line
5. Marble
6. Wooden board
7. Carbon paper
8. Meter rule
9. Plasticine
10.Restort stand and clamp


1. A ramp was set up at the edge of a bench as shown in figure above.
2. The pump line was suspended from the edge of the bench as shown in figure above.
3. A wooden board was mounted horizontally using two clamps so that the board is
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The ball was positioned at the top of the ramp. The ball was released so that it rolled down
the ramp and onto the board below.
2. The carbon paper was removed and the ball that made a small mark on the
blank paper was observed.
3. The vertical distance y and the horizontal distance x were measured and recorded.
4. The value of y was reduced and the steps above were repeated to obtain eight (8) sets of
values of x and y.
5. y, x, and y/x was tabulated.
6. A graph of y/x against x was plotted.
7. The gradient and y- intercept of the graph were determined.
8. Answer from [7] was use to determine values of k and u.


Vertical distance,
y(cm),(± 0.1cm)
Horizontal distance,x(cm),(± 0.1cm)
Vertical distance y
Horizontal distance , x




x =(25.1+26.8+28.6+31.1+32.1+33.3+34.8)




Centroid =(30.2,1.63)

2. Gradient






Y= mx+ c m= k=

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