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To Kill A Mockingbird Book Vs Movie

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In the book the author Harper Lee did a great job on the theme of perspective, but in the movie the director Robert Mulligan did a decent job in my opinion with perspective. In the book Harper Lee did a great job on perspective with the Mr. Raymond scene as in the movie it was cut out. In the book Lee included the scene where Atticus tells Scout that you can not judge a person until you have been in their shoes. Which the movie did include and did convey the theme of perspective. The last scene of the book was one of the most powerful scenes in the book that conveyed the theme, the porch scene where Scout is standing on Boo’s porch. This scene is in the movie but in my opinion I do not ...view middle of the document...

”” This scene conveys the theme of perspective because Mr. Raymond lives the way he wants to live but the townspeople don’t understand that Mr. Raymond chooses to live like that. They don’t see it from Mr. Raymond’s point of view. In the movie this scene was cutout, I believe that if this scene was in the movie that it would have conveyed the theme better.
Another scene in the book that helped convey the theme of perspective is when Walter Cunningham comes over and Scout judges him. Before this scene Walter Cunningham does not have lunch and Ms. Caroline tries to give him money but he won’t take it. Scout tries to tell Ms.Caroline that he is a Cunningham and won’t take money because they can’t pay it back. Ms. Caroline started yelling at Scout and sent her to the corner. At the Scout starts to fight Walter Cunningham because she believes that he is one of the reasons why Ms. Caroline does not like her, and why Scout started out on the wrong foot. Jem separates them and invites Walter over for dinner. After dinner Scout, Jem, and Walter returned to school. During school Scout got in a fight with Ms. Caroline. On page to page Scout returned home she begged Atticus not to make her back to school. Atticus asked why and Scout explained how she got yelled at because she was trying to explain to Ms. Caroline about the Cunninghams. Atticus said that there was no possible way that Ms. Caroline would know about the Cunninghams or anyone in Maycomb. On page 39 Atticus is speaking to Scout. ““First of all,” he said, “if you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-” “Sir?” “- until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”” Atticus says to Scout to help her understand why Ms. Caroline acted the way she did. This scene helped convey the theme of perspective because Atticus is saying not to judge people until you have been in their position which fits into perspective. In the movie this scene starts off at Scout looking for Walter Cunningham in the playground and starts to fight because she thinks he is the reason Ms. Caroline yelled at her. Jem separates them and invites...

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