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To Kill A Mockingbird Of Secret Autobiography

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On July 11, 1960, Nelle Harper Lee published one of the most influential books of all time and oddly enough, most of that book was based on her life as a young child. The protagonist of To Kill a Mockingbird, Jean Louise “Scout” Finch, is the daughter of a lawyer, a single father who raises both her and her brother, Jem. Nelle Harper Lee was also the daughter of a lawyer, Amasa Coleman Lee, who raised her, two sisters, and a brother, while their mother was suffering from a bipolar disorder. By just describing their immediate family situations, there is already a few similarities between both families. Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird, is not an autobiography, but there is no doubt ...view middle of the document...

White supremacists were taking the law into their own hands without the thought that maybe some of the black people who committed a crime against a white person were innocent. They went out in the streets and killed the accused. Many of the murderers were never charged of murder. Racial injustice had much to do with these lynchings. In one particular case, a handicapped black man was accused of rape, a crime he could not commit. He was shot by the accuser’s brother, and the brother was never charged for the murder of the handicapped man. (“TCM- The Historical Accuracy in To Kill a Mockingbird.”).
Nelle Harper Lee was raised in Monroeville, Alabama, where many of her life experiences took place. As a young child, Lee was pegged as a tomboy. She used to fight on the playground and she talked back to teachers. She thought that school was boring. When she hung out with her longtime friend and fellow writer, Truman Persons (Truman Capote), she used to stand up for him as a child. Capote was picked on as a child for being a wimp and wearing fancy clothes all the time. Lee designated herself to be his protector. Scout Finch is portrayed almost exactly like this in To Kill a Mockingbird (“Harper Lee.”)
As mentioned before, Truman Capote was one of Lee’s childhood friends. He came down in the summertime to visit his relatives, who happened to be Lee’s next door neighbors. He is believed to be the inspiration for Charles Baker Harris (Dill). In both Lee’s and Scout Finch’s life, there is a local legend about one of their neighbors. This mysterious and reclusive neighbor both scared and fascinated the children. This character is know better as Boo Radley in the story and the name comes from a store named “Radley’s Deli” that was open around the time of Lee’s childhood. (Crum, Maddie). Boo Radley was an example of a mockingbird, because in several instances of the story, he goes out of his way and shows extreme kindness unlike the children’s prior knowledge of him. He does nothing wrong and only provides good just like a mockingbird. This is a...

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