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To Observe Image Formation By Thin Lenses And To Compare Results With Those Given By The Simple Lens Equation

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Objective: To observe image formation by thin lenses and to compare results with those given by the simple lens equation. Also measure the focal length of a converging lens. use this lens to form real images and to compare the measured position of each image with theory. And, also use the lens to observe a virtual image, estimate is magnifying power, and compare with theory.Theory:The focal point of a converging lens is defined as that point where a beam of incoming parallel light rays will be brought to a focus. For a diverging lens, a beam of parallel light rays will be spread out such that it will appear to diverge from a focal point located in front of the lens. Since lenses can bend light rays as stated above, it is therefore possible to form images using lenses. The location and nature of an image formed by a lens can be predicted either from a ray tracing diagram or by means of a lens ...view middle of the document...

5) Locate the image on a viewing screen and measure the image distance in each case. Compare your measured results with the results predicted in procedure.6) Find the percent difference for each case.Data Table: DATA TABLE I (Focal Length Measurements)Trial Lens #1 (f1) 10 Lens #2 (f2) 15 Lens #3 (f3) 5 Lens #4 (f4) 321 9.9 15.9 4.7 352 10.7 16.1 4.9 32.23 10.9 15.8 4.8 31.9Average 10.5 15.9 4.8 33.0DATA TABLE II (Imaging)Trial Do f (DI)cal (DI)measure % of error 2yO 2yI MAGmeasure MAG cal % of Error1 30 10 15 15.7 4.6% 2.4 1.5 0.58 0.5 16%2 30 10 15 16.3 8.6% 2.4 1.5 0.6 0.5 -20%3 20 10 20 19.3 -3.5% 2.4 2.8 1.2 1 20%4 20 10 20 23.6 18% 2.4 3.0 1.3 1 30%5 15 10 30 39.4 31.3% 2.4 6.6 2.8 2 6 15 10 30 39.3 31% 2.4 6.5 2.7 2 Simple Calculation:Summary of Result:These basic properties of light (and all electromagnetic radiation) enable the formation of images by refraction from curved surfaces. In the first part of this experiment, we will study the properties of thin convergent and divergent lenses and their combinations. In the latter part of the experiment we will make some studies of the human eye and the way its optical performance can be modified by the use of lenses.Conclusions:Use a straight edge to draw the three principal rays and locate and label the image. Measure the image distance with a ruler. Indicate virtual or real

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