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To Spray Or Not To Spray

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To “Spray” Or not To “Spray”

What would people do if you knew that most crops, fruit vegetables (ECT) you ate have been sprayed with eight her Pesticides, Herbicides, insecticides. This essay will explain what products are used with chemical and biological sprays it will also explain the alternatives and how it affects the (economy) and the (Environment).

A pesticide is a lot of substances mixed used to kill a pest. A pesticide may be a chemical substance, biological agent (Virus or bacteria) or device used against any pest.
An herbicide is used to kill unwanted plants. Herbicides kill specific targets while leaving the crop with no special security. ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes small insects eat the weeds and for that humans put sprays on the insects, and as people know pesticides and insecticides (sprays used for these matters) are made of poison. So after the insects get killed the sea weed has a little bit of poison in them and when the fish eat a big amount of sea weed the have a lot of poison in them and the same happens to the big fish and the same happens to the Humans. This is why spraying those sprays is bad for our food chain. Herbicides are also very bad because it changes the minerals and the chemicals of the land, it is used to kill unwanted plants but it also kills the soil and it affects it, so that some years later you can’t grow anything there unless you change the soil.
Good on the environment.
Not only there are bad effects of pesticides and all of those sprays, there are also good effects. Farmers use it because of exactly their name; pesticides are used to prevent pests so that they don’t infect the plants and the soil. Insecticides are used to prevent from insects and from other flying bugs which take all the vitamin of the plant and take all of the plants energy so that the plant doesn’t die and can grow with no types of fences, these sprays are mostly used in big fields because other wise people would do their own biological insecticide or pesticide which takes a lot of time but it isn’t a big quantity so they use this In very very big farms and mostly spread it with a special machine which spreads it all by the crops. Herbicides have a different kind of use than pesticides and insecticide; it kills unwanted plants by brining them. (Not as Fire) Herbicides are very good because when farmers have natural farm (when you don’t destroy anything for it) it is very possible that plants will grow naturally. When people plant seeds to grow a big quantity of crops some times these plants grow between them and dif people are trying to make a straight line of crops it becomes very difficult because these plants kill the other crops, these plants are called unwanted plants because they are plants which you don’t want them where they are where you don’t want them to be the are named “Unwanted plants” and this is where herbicides come in because they kill it without affecting a lot of the land and it doesn’t kill bugs and insects.

Fertilizers are compounds given to plants to accelerate their growth; they are usually applied either mixing with the soil under the plants, also to make the plant roots stronger for the bugs and pests.

Biological Fertilizers
Biological fertilizers are made out of manure (Vegetarian animals poop) and dry materials such as dried grass and all of those types of substance. If people want to make biological fertilizers they would have to mix liquid with dry so that after a long time in the nature or in the street (1 year) it becomes a biological fertilizer which then you mix with soil and it makes the plant grow well. The only problem is that it can’t be...

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