To Stay Or To Leave Essay

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To Stay or to Leave?
Christine Amargo
SOC 120 Intro to Ethics and Social Responsibility
Denise Antoon
April 21, 2014

In the United States of America, we face many different ethical problems each and every day. Some of the ethical problems that we have to deal with are hunger, war, poverty, crime, and terrorism, but the biggest ethical issue the United States has to deal ethical with is immigration. There are many issues dealing with immigrations, such as immigration laws. Many questions come up about this topic in today's society, like how do we stop immigration or do we even stop it? Not all immigrants are bad some are useful to the United States; we have to remember that the first ...view middle of the document...

6). The president has to determine what is best for the rest of the country, is it to leave the immigrants alone seeing that they make up most of the population or to take action and try to send as many as we can back? Putting this theory into action has to take time and thought into it to make the right decision according to this theory. Since immigration is a broad topic and people do not know what to do about it, we base our decision on emotions.
Emotivism is an alternative perspective theory that is based on how each decision makes them feel. Immigrants are portraying the utilitarianism theory and they are conducting the alternative perspective theory emotivism. According to Mosser in section 1.7 Alternative Perspectives, defines emotivism as "sees our moral evaluations as simply the expression of whether we respond to a given act by liking or not liking it. Example, my family on my mom's side is mostly illegal immigrants I conduct the alternative perspective theory emotivism because I do not like their actions they are making. That they should follow the rules and do everything by book to not get into trouble with the government and not be able to come back if they ever wanted to go home. Many immigrants face different problems and try to stay undocumented meaning not getting into trouble with the law and trying to stay undetected.
With immigrants trying to keep a low profile, they practice the theory of ethical egoism. Ethical egoism according to Mosser is "egoism argues that our moral evaluations should be made up of our desires and goals" (Mosser, 1.7). All these theories connect one way or another because immigrant parents practice utilitarianism making the right choice for the whole family, but they want to be able to stay in the country and not get deported. When dealing with deportation no one in the situation wins. The immigrant loses because they are being sent back to their native land and being separated from their family that they have started. The government does not win, even though they get what they wanted they still have to deal with all the issues with the rest of the family and other immigrants. 
With families of the immigrants who get deported they perceive the ethical perspective of emotivism. According to Mosser emotivism is "a meta-ethical view that claims ethical statements are merely expressions of one's emotion toward a given act, not based on facts or moral realities" (Mosser, 1.7).  It is normal for families of deported immigrants to show characteristics of emotivism; because they do not care about ethical reasons why a loved one is being taken away from them they are more concerned about how it makes them feel. I.C.E Immigrant and Customs Enforcement does not use the ethical perspective emotivism, they are more of the classical theory utilitarian. Utilitarian's look at situations as is this right or wrong and the consequence of the situation. The Immigrant and Customs Enforcement see illegal immigrants as...

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