To What Extent Can Urban Areas Be Sustainable

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To what extent can urban areas be sustainable

A sustainable city is a city that can meet the needs of the present without hindering the needs of future generations. To create a sustainable city many different factors need to be considered such as transport, energy and waste disposal. With the vast improvements to modern technology in the modern world it has become far easier for urban areas to become sustainable in many different ways. As the population of many urban areas is rapidly increasing, the need for sustainable transport has increased, meaning for an urban area to become sustainable it needs to implement major changes in its transport system. Also as consumption of energy ...view middle of the document...

An urban area, which was in drastic need of a revamped transport and road system, is London; the average speed of a car on the road in London was around 11Mph in 2003 suggesting the rates of congestion and therefore pollution is very high. After mass deliberation, a congestion charge was implemented in the city, which reduced the traffic in weekdays and forced people to pay to drive in certain areas. This led to a 21% decrease in traffic in central London and the number of people who took the bus increased by 5%, massively reducing the congestion and transport issues of the city, while reducing the usage of energy from cars at the same time and therefore waste. This in general led to Leicester and London become far more sustainable in terms of transport as the congestion rates were reduced, meaning les pollutants and harmful gases being emitted into the atmosphere.

An example of an LEDC, which can become more sustainable through improving its transport system, is Cairo in Egypt. Alongside this Cairo is also an enormous consumer of energy, meaning improvements to its energy efficiency would lead to it becoming a far more sustainable city. It is recorded that around 3 million people in Cairo could be at risk of contracting fatal respiratory diseases and cancer in the next few decades due to the issues with pollution present. This is very dangerous for the future generations as the urban area may become inhospitable. Methods such as increasing car ownership taxes and higher fuel taxes have done well to reduce congestion. Alongside this, Cairo has made efforts to improve sustainability of the city through transport management such as improved bus and railway infrastructure to incentives to use of the services. In terms of its energy use however, Cairo relies mainly on non-renewable means for its energy resources such as fossil fuels. This releases a lot harmful emissions into the atmosphere, reducing the likelihood of sustainability in the urban area, as the resources could happily run out for the future generations. By dealing with this issue in the future and reducing the usage of fossil fuels in the city, Cairo may become more sustainable but only through this can the city achieve this.

For many urban areas, in MEDC’s and LEDC’s there has been an increase in the population, and with this has brought increasing quantities of waste being generated. In LEDCs waste management causes huge problems e.g. The Payatas dump was Manila’s largest waste disposal site, receiving about 5000 tons of rubbish every day. Six mountains of waste up to 15 meters high were created. More than 80,000 slum dwellers live around this area, many earning their living as waste pickers. For an urban area to become sustainable it must have a relatively efficient and fluid waster removal system, otherwise it will pile up and become a hazardous and dangerous pollutant, like in Manila. An example of a city, which has become very sustainable due to improvements made in...

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