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To What Extent D.Cameron Has Modernised The Party?

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From 1997 to 2005 conservative party lost three general elections in a row. David Cameron has introduced much reform into the Conservative Party since his ascension into power of the Conservative Party, in December 2005. He has, in many ways, modernised the Party, and has introduced measures that are so wide reaching, that his brand of Conservatism has a name, Social Conservatism. Conservative traditionally believes on less intervention by the government. It means that if any industry and company found itself in financial difficulties then government will not help them. For example ...view middle of the document...

But Cameron believes on opportunities for all, Cameron abounded the traditional support for selective secondary education (effectively grammar schools) in 2007. Instead he supported labour policy to create a wide range of different types of school and colleges, but he also said that all this facilities should be available to all, no matter what their economic, social and political background or educational background. It is traditional conservative policy to tougher on the crime and also harsh penalties for criminals. They believe that you can decrease the crime rate by only giving harsh penalties and punishments. But Cameron’s believe that attempts should be made to understand better the causes of causes of crime and to deal with them. This need to be balanced against a tough approach to serious crime. He also believes on more enlightening policies on the sentencing and rehabilitation of offenders. We can say that he believe on sympathy as well as punishment. Few years ago he also went to young criminals and hugs them. It is conservative traditionally policy that the role of state should be limited and it is not the responsibility of government to create economic and social change. It means that it is not the job of government to create jobs, to help industries and to help to improve the society. But Cameron believes that state has a key role in increasing opportunities and reducing poverty. It means that they believe that it is the responsibility of government to provide jobs and to help needy. One of the examples of this policy is benefit cap.
Traditional conservative believe that inequality is natural in a free market system. Welfare support should be reserved only for most needy. its mean that universal credit should be kept only for most needy people. Margret thatcher said that ‘’ there is no such thing as society only the individual’’ But Cameron believes that it is society responsibility to improve the condition of those who are deprived and to open up opportunities for them. That is why he did not decrease the taxes because he thinks taxes should be used for public services and to create opportunities for people. But on the other hand we can say that he is still following the some traditional policies.
It is conservative traditional policy to privatisation of the major industries which are formally under state control and public ownership. The interesting thing is that today conservative party is still in the favour of privatisation. The party still believes that Britain is over governed, this includes the over regulation of business and commerce. The big evidence of this argument is the privatisation of the royal mail. Low taxation is the conservative...

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