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To What Extent Did The Ww2 Change The Lives Of Black Americans?

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To what extent did the WWII change the lives of Black Americans?

The Second World War has caused many changes in America. The fight against Nazis in Europe demonstrated that US suffered from the same problem of racism and the white supremacy and that something had to be done.

During the wartime many African Americans had to move from Southern farms to Northern and Western cities, as there was a lack of jobs because of the increase of machinery in farming industry. At the same time, new factories that produced war equipment needed more labourers as most white men had left America to fight in WWII and it gave Black Americans an opportunity to find new jobs in those spheres, but ...view middle of the document...

Yet, in Tuskegee there were blacks trained as pilots and around 600 of them had served by 1945. Unfortunately, black soldiers returning from the war were treated with disrespect and it was very hard for them to find a job after they quit service, but there still were some great changes in the attitude towards African Americans. Firstly, these opportunities of going abroad allowed Black Americans to see the lack of segregation there and it inspired them to defeat racism in US as well. Black newspapers widely campaigned for a Double Victory over fascism in Europe and racism in US, so many people were aware as it was announced in media. Secondly, it forced all armed forces to move towards equal treatment. No one rejected separation though, but in 1948 Truman ordered the final desegregation and it was the end of discrimination in army.

World War Two affected civil rights campaigns a lot. Considering unsuccessful experience in WWI when black people had suspended all their campaigns believing in improvements but getting nothing, they continued to work in campaigns against discrimination. The NAACP continued to fight for equality in courthouses and schools. In 1944 the NAACP won a major case in Smith vs. Allwright, which outlawed the white primacy. It inspired other African Americans to take a part in the NAACP actions so by the end of WWII the number of the members increased from 50,000 to 450,000 and percentage of voting registered from black people increased from 7% to 12%. It wasn’t the only civil rights organization to come to prominence after the war. The CORE is the campaign founded by James Farmer in 1942 and their aim was to challenge segregation peacefully. Unlike...

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