To What Extent Do Different Players Have Contrasting Attitudes Towards The Protection Of Cultures And Cultural Diversity?

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Over time the attitudes towards the importance of protecting and preserving the diverse range of global cultures has become an important factor for many governments and NGO’s. However, in each contrasting location, different attitudes have arisen but overall it can be concluded that a large portion of cultural attitudes would like the increase the recognition and legitimacy of their own. However, for multiculturalists, they wish to do so for various minority groups at the extent of delegitimizing the current mainstream culture which is dominated by USA.

There are a few factors and criteria that play a vital role in the protection of cultures and cultural diversity, religion playing an ...view middle of the document...

However, there are different players with more decent methods of protection. UNESCO, on the other hand,are a specialized agency of the UN whose purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration the educational, scientific and cultural reforms. They have recently claimed that cultures and its diversity are as necessary to humankind as biodiversity is for nature. UNESCO has declared world heritage sites, which are locations of cultural importance and must be preserved. They have a more wholesome approach to cultural diversity as they see the importance of each cultural criteria albeit religion or not as a fundamental aspect to our society. Unfortunately even an agency as transparent and good hearted as UNESCO has its controversies and have been criticized to protect more sites in USA then any other country in the world, so even the unbiased organizations cant help themselves to protect their own culture more than others.

The range of players isn't only religious groups and international agencies but also governments and other political bodies. They may have an agenda which incorporates the protection of a certain culture and norm to aid other aspects of their goals. In short, it may seem they value cultures but really they use it as a method for other gains, generally economic. A clear example of this would be shown in USA. Today, arguably, USA is the only superpower and they wish to dominate the world market,spread their values and maintain their status. Their capitalist ideology has now encompassed the entire globe. A clear example of this would be during the Cold War, when communism and capitalism were going head to head. Communism was deemed a threat to the freedom of the individual so...

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