To What Extent Has The Practical And Theoretical Study Of Technique Within This Unit Influenced Your Understanding Of Your Dancing Body?

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To what extent has the practical and theoretical study of technique within this unit influenced your understanding of your dancing body?

In my essay I will be talking about the practical and theoretical study of technique and how it influenced my understanding of my own body.
One of the techniques I will be talking about is Cunningham. Merce Cunningham is a modern choreographer which he started off in the 1940s. Some of his key concepts are that he focuses on the architecture of the body in space, rhythm and articulation. Also from looking at this quote“Cunningham developed a way of referencing "front" so that dancers don't think about movement in terms of moving toward a point ...view middle of the document...

It has modern dance technique in it such as fall and recovery, contact, release, floor work etc, but Merce Cunningham still has elements of ballet in it. In contemporary dance a man can have a women role and vice versa, but in ballet you could only have if you were the male a lifting strong part and a woman would have to be the elegant one. In contemporary dance there is a lot more fluid movement and a lot more freedom to it as well. Merce Cunningham made his more grounded and weighty. He made ballet technique in his own technique more grounded.
Within most of the exercise we have done in the lesson for Cunningham technique we have focused on a few of Merce Cunningham ideas. For example using the opposite arm to leg we had used this in many of the exercises using ballet legs, having to be strong also having freedom in the arms where it is all fluid and weightless but in ballet you would have first, second or third position for the arms they would all be set position but in this the arms just came naturally. In some of the exercise we were asked to get into pairs and look how each person back alignments and how they curve or tilt their backs by pushing down on that particular part of the body.
We had also used the chance idea Merce Cunningham used this in some of his works ,from this quote “Cunningham used chance methods to decide how to sequence choreographic phrases, how many dancers would perform at any given point, where they would stand on stage, and where they would enter and exit”(kam, v 2005).
He like to play with the chance idea in most of his work either by tossing a coin or by writing on loads of piece of paper and then putting it into the space so a dancer could move to them particular spaces or he would put a dot on each...

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