To What Extent Hong Kong Was Modernized At The End Of The 20th Century?

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To a large extent, Hong Kong was modernized at the end of the 20th century. I would like to explain my answer in economic, political, social and cultural aspects of Hong Kong.

In political aspect, first, there was the democratic development at the local level. In 1968, the City District Office Scheme was introduced. All government department set up various consultative committees to collect public opinions. In 1973, all the Urban Council members were unofficial member and in 1995, all were elected. In 1981, the District Board was established. In 1986, all the Regional Council were unofficial member and in 1995, most of its were elected. There was an increasing number of official and local Chinese members.

Second, the Legislative Council became more representative. In 1985, it started its first indirect election. In 1991, it started its first direct election. In 1995, all ...view middle of the document...

Second, there was the industrialization in Hong Kong. Since the geographical location of HK was a favourable factors. Hong Kong lies on the time zone between Europe and America. New York, London and HK were formed an international 21 hours a day finance market. This led HK became an international financial centre. The tertiary industry (finance and service sectors) in HK grew rapidly and even surpassed the manufacturing industry.

In social and cultural aspects, there was urbanization in HK. Many large scale reclamation were carried out after the WWII. The land was mainly for residential and industrial uses. In 1980s, the land was mainly for commercial and larger infrastructure development such as the expansion of HK Convention and Exhibition Centre and the conduction of Chek Lap Kuk Airport. In 1960s onward, the government started the urban renewal. For example, Sheung Wan was redeveloped and Whampoa dockyards at Hung Hom turned to larger commercial and residential estate. Furthermore, the government kept improving bus and terry services. New projected such as Lion Rock Tunnel, Cross Harbor Tunnel etc. The government also introduced Public Housing Scheme.

In addition, the government introduced 9 years free and compulsory education to increase the educational opportunities to people. Also, it established the ICAC to tight against corruption and maintain the ruled of law.

What is more, the government promoted the freedom of the promoted the sexual and rational equality. Furthermore, Honk Kong has normal diplomatic relations and exchange with the different countries.

However, there are still some limitations of HK’s modernization.

First, the non-directly elected seats in the Regional Councils and District Boards were kept before 1997. Moreover, the governor of HK was not elected by universal suffrage.

In conclusion, although there are some limitations on HK political aspect, HK was modernized in political, economic cultural and social aspects at the end of the 20th century. Therefore, to a large extent Hong Kong was modernized at the end of 20th century.

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