To What Extent Is Globalisation Deemed To Be More Of An Opportunity Or Threat To Businesses?

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The definition of globalisation is the growth of a business or organisation on international/global scale. Globalisation is the integration of the national economies into the international economy through trade, investment, migration, capital flows and spread of technology.
One reason why globalisation can be deemed to be more of an opportunity is that the one outcome of globalisation is that the business can become more cost efficient. With increased competition the business can react to the change in market conditions by becoming more competitive themselves through being more efficient. Increased efficiency can be a result of the business reducing sales and increasing output in order to ...view middle of the document...

The business will benefit from moving abroad as they costs can be reduced as they supplies can be sources cheaper and they labour costs will be lower and the business will be producing the products with minimised cost, in addition to this with the ease of movement of employees the business can transfer very skillful staff around to benefit the business with their operations such as using very specialist staff to improve quality where products are being produced at a cheaper rate.
One reason why globalisation poses a threat to a business is that there is increased competition. There is an increase in competition because of the integration of all the economies into one non-physical market place. This will give the customers an opportunity to find the cheapest business or source a business with more choice and this will result in businesses in general to be losing sales if they are not the cheapest option in the market or the most appealing. The reduction in sales will reduce the profits of the business and a decline in the market share which will weaken the position of businesses within the market. It will be difficult for businesses to compete in the market with larger businesses that can offer lower prices or have built up a good reputation for quality. With targeting and accessing different markets on a global scale constant research needs to be conducted in order of the business to provide the demand with suitable products satisfying the needs and wants of the potential customers, therefore this will require increased spending to cater for this requirement. Some businesses cannot compete with products from larger rivals so there sales are restricted to different graphical markets due to the competition introduced by globalisation.
Another reason why globalisation is more of a threat than an opportunity is that it creates barriers of entry to the market for some businesses. Relatively new or small businesses will find it difficult to adapt to the market conditions as globalisation makes it easier for trade to occur on a global scale. These businesses can find it hard to compete with large...

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