Too Much Of A Good Thing

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The article “Too Much of a Good Thing? Visitor Congestion Management Issues for Popular World Heritage Tourist Attractions” published initially in the Journal of Heritage Tourism at Vol.2, November 3, 2007 by Hilary du Cros. The article examined the nature of congestion and the impacts of the congestion on visitor experience at two popular WHS –St Paul’s Ruins and A-Ma Temple(du Cros, 2007). This study found these two attractions in Macao is suffering different types of congestion which cause poor visitor experience and negative impacts on the environment, however few effective congestion management attraction have being implemented.
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The study shows readers the congestion management issues and impacts at WHS of Macao were facing, as well as the behavior and experience of mainland Chinese tourists. Overall, the author did a very logical statement and arguments but some data are outdated. After reading this article, as well as its references, it seems that even though the data were old, most of it are conclusive. Two studies in a phased manner were conducted at 2005 and 2006 through many on-site surveys by du Cros, which allow du Cros to collect data more “fresh” and get more valid conclusion. Data shows poor congestion management at st Paul’s Ruins and A-Ma Temple cause traffic congestion, inadequate parking lots, air pollution, as well as poor visitor experience. According to another online article “ Ruins of St.Paul’s to give tourists better experience,” the chef Lao long who is a DSSOPT urban planning department said the current issues of St Paul’s Ruins include traffic chaos and serious air pollution and poor government monitor made St Paul’s Ruins more busy(Leung, 2010). During these two studies, the negative behavior of Mainland Chinese that cause bad environment of WHS at Macao and leave a bad impression to foreign visitors was found as well. Since 2012, Chinese has been the top international spenders, but because of their bad behavior when they are visiting, the feeling of anti-Chinese exists during Chiang Mai people(Gray, 2014). The study point out the issues at this two WHS and Mainland Chinese tourist behavior very accurately, however, some data for the improving site management is not. In the research, the author said few of improving site management was implemented. However, a project that is called the Light Rapid Transit project was decided and approved in 2006. “It aims to relieve the worsening traffic congestion that has resulted from a rapid increase in tourists”( Encarnacao, 2014). Congestion could be a very serious problem that it can bring a lot of negative impacts on visitor experience and environment, as well as tourist operating. Overall, the article is very worth for everyone, especially for the operators in the tourism industry to read. They can use the article as a guidance to identify congestion...

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