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I have been reviewing your concerns about the amount of money being spent on communication within the company, as well as those from inside out. I feel this is a great concern, yet easily addressable. I think that the larger concern is that of our marketing, obtaining pertinent research information and research data. Although I see this as a current issue and a great expense, there are also a few different ways that can be addressed.
I feel that since it is the simplest and least costly to address, I shall review employee communication issues first. The first issue with employee communication within the company is fairly simple to solve, and this would be with the deployment of an Instant ...view middle of the document...

An email system can be better monitored, but I feel that this would be much simpler and cost effective. There would also be little to no effect on our network system unless many large files were being transferred at one time. We could put into place employee emails as well with free accounts provided by servers such as Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL mail so that users may communicate with those outside of the office, but for the most part an IM client would take care of this as well, for if the user is offline a message may be left to that offline user that will be received the moment they log on. IM clients can also be installed on cell phones, so any employee can be reached anywhere at any time.
Now that we have solved the issue of employee inter/intra office communication, more pressing issues can be discussed. The first issue that I would like to try and resolve would be obtaining information effectively. My first proposal for this would be to deploying a more efficient company web site. We could deploy a website that allows for internet research, as well as intranet access to those with the proper company credentials. There would be a few benefits to this. A website can be integrated with many other sites and tools on the internet. Our website could make use of an RSS feed from a website that we may be trying to obtain information about current market trends or research information from so that we would always be in the know about what is going on as soon as the information is released. Many companies now also use twitter and facebook feeds to share information with the world. It is both instant and flexible in that the information is available as soon as it is posted, and code can be inserted to insert links and images to be directed at other web locations. These tools can all be integrated into a universal office website. With our own feeds of any variety, employees would be able to communicate to those inside and outside of the office any ideas they may want to exchange or new information that they may have discovered elsewhere. As a research tool I feel that this would be invaluable being that the wealth of information available would become limitless and for the most part free. The only cost to the company would be deploying such a system.
The intranet portion of this system would allow for us to exchange information that may need to be private, so only those with the proper access would be able to obtain this information. Other than being an invaluable research tool, I feel that such a system would be the same “game changer” for marketing. We would be able to make use of these feeds to advertise our products for free, instantly, and to an almost endless market of consumers. For those internet users that would...

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