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Top Sports Cars In The World

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Top Sports Cars in the World

Introduction: Hello Everyone. Assalamualaikum…
I am Nafees . I am from the department of BBA. As you know today’s world is very competitive and everywhere we can see competition. By the passage of time we are getting more style and fashion conscious. We also need everything fast like we eat fast foods more than our home made foods. These things are affecting our daily life too. Same thing is happening in terms of transportation choice. We started liking fast, stylish sports cars that matches our desire.

So that’s why today the topic of my presentation is Top Sports Cars in the World.

Most of us only know about the price or how fast this car can run but ...view middle of the document...

It’s a dream for teenaged and middle aged men to have a Ferrari.

History: Ferrari is another Italian sports car manufacturer based in maranello, Italy. In 1929 it was founded by Enzo Ferrari. At First This Company sponsored and manufactured cars for racing before start producing street legal vehicles in 1947.
Brand Logo: A black horse which was painted in the airplane of World War I hero of Italy named Count Francesco Baracca.

Production & Revenue: The Estimated total of Ferrari built and sold cars in whole company history since 2012 is 130,000. Last year [2012] revenue from this car was 2.433 billion euro, trading profit was 350 million euro and net was 244 million. That was the best year of Ferrari’s history.

SLIDE #3: Here is a Sales Chart of Ferrari Since [1999-2012]

SLIDE #4: Some Recent Ferrari Cars

*Jaguar: Jaguar is a British Multinational car manufacturer currently known as “Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.” Its headquarter is in Whitney, Coventry, England.

History: Jaguar was founded as the swallow sidecar company Sir William Lyons in 1922. It was originally making motorcycle sidecars before making passenger cars. In recent years it has manufactured cars for British Prime Minister and holds Royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. It’s a subsidiary of Tata Motors.

Brand Logo: Jaguar Brand is represented by Jaguar Itself. Jaguar is popular for its immense power and agility, so as the car.

Production and Revenue: In 2011-12 Jaguar made pretax profits of 1.5 billion pounds and in 2012 it has made record 1.7 billion pound revenue.

SLIDE #5: Some Jaguar Cars So Far….

*McLaren: McLaren Automotive commonly referred to as McLaren. It’s a British automotive manufacturer of high performance vehicles.

History: A...

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