Topic: What Is The Most Interesting Job And The Least Interesting Job?

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I find it difficult to answer the question: What is the most interesting job and the least interesting job? In my opinion, there is no job which is most interesting and least interesting. Everyjob has value, meaning and excitement of its own.
If someone feels happy and proud to have a good and peak job in society, that people admire, respect as doctor, engineer, policeman, ... then for me, something I feel happy and always expect is to be done the job I love even it is the most trivial one (here we do not consider illegal work). Of course, if you're a doctor or an engineer, your future and money would be more open, higher social status. In general, you can have a full comfortable life on material. But not sure you have the spiritual ...view middle of the document...

Then we will feel very happy, happy, satisfied, even proud of yourself and feel like their work better. That is the most interesting work. There are many who think housework is boring hard work, which has no fun and fade beauty away. But they do not know that a woman will be happy very much when they cook good nutritional meals by themselves for her husband and children. They will be very secure when it is them who take their children to school and pick them up after school every day and happier when they see the door neat, clean by their hands clean up. At that time, for them, housework is considered interesting. If the housework have been seen as boring, hard, there is a job that is harder and even people who do this work fall into contempt, and in low regard from people around, it's street-sweeping. An afternoon wandering the streets, I suddenly caught the image: a street-sweeper was sweeping each leaf, picking up each plastic bag, forehead spotting sweat, but his mouth was still smiling, and telling a joke with people around. At that time, I suddenly woke up and understood that street-sweeping is also an interesting work because if there has interests, street-sweeper is happy to work on a voluntary basis and service life quitely. Having such that people, the street is always green, clean and beautiful. Although it is job that can earn a lot of money, but it is meaningful useulf career, and it is also an interesting job, at least for those who have devoted their whole life for this work.
In short, there is no job which is most interesting and least interesting in my judgement. It’s us that make up our mind if our work is interesting or not. It only becomes exciting when we really love it and try our best to do work efficiently.

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