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Total Quality Pioneer Essay

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In consumer business, quality can be defined as meeting the need of the customer, or going beyond what their expectations are. “Customers that are businesses will define quality very clearly using: specifications, standards, and other measures” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010 p.4). Most people would know quality when they see it. Quality is the value that the consumer perceives something as based on measures of standards and characteristics. The perception of quality can lead a company to success or failure.
Total quality can be defined as “an approach to doing business that attempts to maximize an organization’s competitiveness through the continual improvement of the quality of its products, services, people, processes, and environments” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010 p.22). The subject of total quality has a much broader approach as compared to quality. Total quality includes the results, the quality of the people, and process ...view middle of the document...

The concept of total quality development is contributed to by many people. W. Edwards was the most influential total quality pioneer that contributed to the development of total quality. Deming helped influence total quality through showing how quality started through leaders and management. Deming is well known for “Fourteen Points, the Deming Cycle, and his Seven Deadly Diseases” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). These contributions have many calling him founder of the quality movement. “Although Deming suggested this over 40 years ago, the real significance of it is now being fully understood” (Dahlgaard & Kristensen, 1994 p. 14). This understanding that Deming provided is one of the most important innovations of the new philosophy of total quality management today (Dahlgaard & Kristensen, 1994).
Elements of Deming’s philosophy on quality are useful in today’s environment because now consumers realize that they do not have to accept defective products and companies should strive prevent mistakes before they actually occur. Deming provided value with his philosophy to be used by businesses whose initiative is to be successful, no matter how many are involved. The product should be satisfactory to the consumer.
What can be foreseen in the future of quality is management providing training and communicating the importance and necessity of total quality management to employees. Total quality management will encompass from the supplier, to production, to product marketing, and then to the appreciative consumers. All processes of business will utilize total quality management. Total quality will also require that businesses provide the best and continue to get better and better. Total quality management will require judgment from the business and employees, as well as the consumers. Ultimately the consumer will decide on the quality, but it is best if the company makes sure the quality is great before it gets to them.


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