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Total Quality Pioneers Essay

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Total Quality Pioneers
Nicholas McLaughlin
Timothy Peters

This paper will cover quality and its elements, the pioneers of quality and what made them successful. What makes the elements useful in today’s market place and how quality can affect the future. The paper will also what Deming tried to teach for quality and how others expanded on his ideas.
As an adjective quality means having a high degree of excellence. As a noun quality means a distinguishing characteristic("American Heritage Dictionary", 2009). The elements of quality are strategically based, customer focus, obsession with quality, scientific Approach, Long-term Commitment, teamwork, continual process improvement, education and training, freedom through control, unity of purpose, and employee involvement and empowerment.
Deming was the first person to define quality and what it required to obtain quality. Deming uses the Deming cycle, Deming’s ...view middle of the document...

The deadly diseases are excessive medical cost, liability cost and pressure to produce short-term profits(University of Phoenix, 2010). While these cannot be eliminated by putting the total quality system to use. The quality system can eliminate lack of consistency, personal review systems, job hopping and using only visible data. This can help to reduce the items listed, but cannot reduce the items listed as diseases.
Juran has many overlapping beliefs as Deming. He also expanded on the fact that most of the issues with quality come from a few vital few sources and these are where the concentration should be to improve quality. The other point is that most problems are caused by management.
Crosby’s approach was focused on prevention as opposed to acceptable levels of quality. Crosby professed that determination, education and implementation will help to resolve quality issues.
With today’s economic issues consumers are trying to make the most of the money that they do spend. This is why quality is an important part of every business makeup. The more quality that a company can provide the more a company will be able to maintain market share. If a company wants to maintain or gain market share quality will be the deciding the factor for the consumer. The consumer also gains the power in this situation as opposed to the company telling the consumer that this is the acceptable level of quality.
Quality is being accepted globally making it a factor in the global marketplace. So the global market place is going to continually improve upon quality and allow for a growing practice and profession. The driving factors will be cost management and quality of the company and the product.
This paper covered the different pioneers of quality and how that helped to shape quality of today and how this quality will be used in the future marketplace. What is possible for the future and what the past has taught us about quality.

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