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Tour Planning At Cirque Du Soleil

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Case: Tour Planning at Cirque du Soleil

1. What concrete means are used to achieve standardization?

• Cirque du Soleil takes a very standardized approach. Here are some examples of how they have standardized the method in which they take their show on the road:

• Specific timing when planning for future shows. Shows will be planned 5-years ahead of time when it comes to continent choice. They then follow a 2-3yr lead time when they are selecting cities to visit. The tour plan is finalized 24mo prior to the event. They are very diligent with this timing as 90% of their tours are scheduled 2-years in advance.

• Consistency when working on their own or with a promoter. In ...view middle of the document...

This may lead to Cirque doing more of the work. While this does lead to more profit, it is definitely more of an effort on their part. Granted, most of these decisions are made in order for performers/employee morale to stay high during all the travel and performing.

But, they do seem to be getting more lenient with some of their timing in regards to tour dates. As a creative bunch, they view opportunities as a way to use their creativity to make it happen. If the opportunity is right, they will “break their rules” on timing in order to accommodate the opportunity accordingly. In this case, there seems to be a strong reason to put on a show in Turkey even though this was not part of the initial schedule.

With every show, there seem to be changes in the actual breakdown and movement of the show. This is due to different processes happening at different locations including taxes, travel, replacing equipment, etc. Cirque must be flexible in order to work around these issues that may come up while they travel. As stated in the case study, “no two sites or shows are exactly the same”.
3. If you could make changes to improve this balance, what would they be?

• Cirque has created a good system to...

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