Tourism Marketing For Sustainable Development Essay

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by Dr. Adarsh Batra*

Abstract The levels of marketing, quite often blamed for changing consumer attitudes, promote a materialistic society where status is derived more from the number and type of destinations we visit and leisure activities we undertake, rather than how good we are as caring members of society. Tourism organizations have continued to encourage ‘anyone and everyone’ to visit a particular region, irrespective of how these individuals may behave when they arrive. As we move into the twenty-first century, there is a growing concern for the protection of the environment and the adoption of business policies that will enable to ...view middle of the document...

Sc. (Master of Science in physics, 1991-1993) and other M.T.A. (Master of tourism Administration, 1993-1995) along with doctorate in Tourism in the year 2001, all from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana) in India.


ABAC Journal Vol. 26, No. 1 (January - April, 2006, pp. 59 - 65)


Dr. Adarsh Batra

The phenomenal growth of domestic as well as international tourism has been caused by very specific shifts in social systems and disposable incomes the world over. This has subsequently raised several critical issues related to marketing. These issues invite tourism planners and practitioners as well as academicians and researchers to systematically consider emerging issues and propose a more viable approach to marketing tourism products and services. One such major issue is the need to keep the concept of sustainability in clear focus consideration. A very small section of people involved in tourism is familiar with this concept and realize its importance. “In marketing terms, sustainability is primarily an issue of product quality. There is no clear evidence in the developed world that more than a small minority of visitors understands concepts of sustainability and environmental good practice and draw on them when choosing products, although travelers from countries such as Germany, Holland and Scandinavia appear to be further ahead in this respect. There is even less evidence that the great majority of visitors are willing to pay premium prices for the products of tourism businesses operating to high environmental standards. But there is convincing evidence that customers turn away from what they consider to be overcrowded, polluted destinations which have allowed their environmental quality to become eroded through over development. This is especially true where health risks, as from air and water pollution, are perceived as problems. There is also convincing evidence that customers generally in the 1990s are more experienced in travel, more demanding, and searching for a combination of quality and good value for money which they are increasingly able to recognize”(Middleton, 1998). The journal of Sustainable Tourism defines the concept of sustainability in its simplest form as ‘a positive approach intended to reduce the tension and friction created by the complex interactions between the tourism industry, visitors, the environment and the communities 60

which are host to holiday makers’ (Bramwell and Lane, 1993). Thus a sustainable approach would involve a coordinated attempt to manage the tourism environment in such a way that the longterm integrity of a region’s natural and human resources will be preserved. Those who favor this approach recognize that there are limits, to extend beyond which would result in the ultimate destruction of the resource. In recent years one of the key problems has been the narrow perspective of marketing adopted by the travel and tourism sector. Many organizations continue to...

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