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Business Plan


Ajinkya M || Himanshi Aggarwal || Nidhi Vig || Rahul Sinha || Santhosh S

Table of Contents
1.1 Company 3
1.2 Product 3
2.1 PEST Analysis 3
2.2 Industry 4
2.3 Market 6
3. Business Model 7
3.1 Customer Segments 7
3.2 Value proposition 7
3.3 Channels 8
3.4 Customer Relationships 9
3.5 Key Resources 9
3.6 Key Activities 9
3.8 Revenue Stream 10
4. Plan 11
4.1 Marketing Plan 11
4.2 Operations Plan 12
4.3 Financial Plan 14
4.4 Risk Management Plan 16
5. Organization Structure 17
5.1 Top Management Team 17
5.2 Key Personal 17
6. Proposal 17
6.1 The ‘Ask’ 17
6.2 The ‘Offer’ 18

1.1 Company
KidzCraft is a Kids ...view middle of the document...

3. Social
KidzCraft will be providing a solution for kids in the lower and middle section of the society. The Company with also provide a fun learning for kids. It has also been observed that the Chinese toy companies are using harmful materials for making toys thus toys supplied by KidzCraft will be safer for kids and environment.
4. Technological
Implementation of Advance & Innovative technology for fun learning will be a priority for KidzCraft . We look into spreading awareness about the company on different social networking websites, with technology changing every year, there is a plethora of variety to invest in.

2.2 Industry
Porters Five Forces
1) Competitive rivalry within an industry
There are many web sites which offer similar KidzCraft services, the differentiation factor in our concept is that we engage in a retail based model. Most of the competitor products interact only through online channels. Our product gives an opportunity for people to experience the service before availing it. Engaging the customer and to make in spend quality time, promotes better customer loyalty and Customer Lifetime value increases.
2) Threat of Substitute Products
The biggest and largest threat for the KidzCraft concept is the growing barge of digital devices. KidzCraft provides digital gamming services by providing arcade, computer, PlayStation and Xbox games on premises as an extension of its services. Hence, the threat products form a part of our product portfolio.
3) Bargaining power of Buyers
Price slabs for toy rentals are fixed. Providing relaxations in this will affect the quality of services delivered. However the following options are given:
* Variety of toys
* Frequent Discounts
* Special pricing offers
* Happy weeks(allowing more toys to be rented)

4) Bargaining power of Suppliers
The Suppliers are the toy manufacturers and toy companies. They have an avenue to showcase their products and generate interest. Toy sale fests will be held, where suppliers can interact directly with customers and sell their products.

5) Threats of new entrants
There is always threat of new entrants. The toy library concept is a broad based concept which has the potential to cater to multiple age groups. This allows for expansion of ideas based on relevant industry and market trends.

2.3 Market
The toys industry is estimated to be worth 1700Cr INR. This growth is fuelled by pure market demand. Kids today have a lot of exposure to the different toys available. Kids like variety and it has become increasingly difficult to restrict them. And the useful life of a toy is very limited. All these factors combine to give a strong reason for KidzCraft. KidzCraft is an extensible concept with expansion slots available for gaming related activities.
Customer activities:
Toys on rent for Kids would be the primary business. Toys will be segregated based on age groups.
Digital House:
Arcade games,...

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