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Toyota Ethical Issue Essay

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What is an ethical issue? When wehave to decide between what is wrong and what is right. We know that it has something to do with the kind of work of a company. For example if somebody have an idea to approve it we have to thing if is a right thing or a bad thing. For me it’s when a company does its work right. Every area of the company is trying to do the beste work without affecting the environment, well not only without affecting but also trying to help and cooperate with the nature, and create products to help people. But what is an ethical issue? Problem or situation which requires a person or organization to choose between alternatives that must be evaluated as right (ethical) or ...view middle of the document...

Toyota is trying to help the environment and the nature, they are trying to develop clean energy vehicles and technologies. They want to help the environment by reducing the volume of waste discharged per unit of production. Toyota will continue efforts to maintain and stabilize vehicle recycling/recovery rates, develop recycling technologies for hybrid vehicle parts, and expand the use of recycled materials and renewable resources.

In conclusion I think that the work that Toyota is a great example of an ethical issue. They decide to do the right thing and help the environment but they are not only trying to cooperate with the environment they are also trying to make this world a better place to live. If all the people and all the companies could work like Toyota and do the righth things for sure this world would be better. If everyone contribute with a small thing, this would be definitely a better world for everyone, a healthier world in which everyone is going to live with environment. Everyone can be ethical you just need to know what is good and what is bad for you for other people and for the environment what and do the right things. We can start in our families helping our children to learn what is good and what is wrong, helping them to choose always the best option. What kind of decisions we can throw away and what we have to do. With this we have contributed even a little to help the world and the companies that are taking the best decisions to make this world a better.

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