Toyota Motor Corporation Essay

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Toyota Motor Corporation
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Michelle Morgan
February 11, 2014
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Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota driven by one man’s looming determination
The Reasoning behind Their Drive
Toyota Motor Corporation is one of Japan’s largest automotive companies. They commit themselves to develop advance technologies and to provide excellent products and services that meet their customer needs worldwide. They pursue growth in harmony within the global community and work with business partners to achieve stable, long-term growth. Toyota is a for profit business, although in 2013 for the third year in a row, they donated ...view middle of the document...

2002 On March 31 Toyota posted profits of $8.43 billion; this was the highest profits in Japanese history.
2006 They have many business adventures outside of automotive production, including gardening, airport management and consulting.
2007 Plans for constructing an $830 million dollar facility in Tupelo, MS begins.
2011 The company’s market share in the U.S. totals 12.7%.
2013 Toyota issued the most recalls of any carmaker.
Toyota and its Consumers
Competing with the likes of G.M and Ford
Toyota operates in a monopolistic environment. Although in 1935 while GM and Ford were already operating assembly plants in Japan, Kiichiro Toyoda ventured into the industry. They have the right to compete with other companies, they also have the right to retain profits after they pay taxes to the government and they have the right to choose which property they will build upon.
Toyota Corporation as a Whole
Incorporation of Toyota Motor Corporation
Some of the drawbacks are the stock and shareholders only care about the money they make, and not about the employees of the company that are making them that money. It is also very...

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