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Trach Care Essay

1802 words - 8 pages

Each group will be assigned particular joint disorder as their topic.
This assignment is broken into 3 parts, as listed below and described on the following pages.

Part A: Joint disorder preliminary plan 03/12/2015 10 points see page 2

Part B: Joint disorder poster presentation 03/19/2015 75 points see pages 3-4

Part C: Evaluations 04/02/2015 15 points see pages 5-8
100 points

This work should be typed and double –spaced. Head your work with the names of all group members, instructor’s name, due date, and “Joint Project Part A – ...view middle of the document...

Your list should have at least 4 scientifically credible and recent resources. Sources should be clearly cited in APA format in this list of references. Only one source may be an A&P textbook; utilize the many other resources available in the lab, the library, and via the internet.

All posters will be thoroughly read and evaluated by the rest of the class and the instructor.
Objectives and Guidelines for Poster Presentation:

* Provide students with a quick, clear description of the nature of the synovial joint represented (sometimes this problem may occur at other joints, but you have been assigned a “representative” joint). Describe both the bones and muscles involved at the joint.

An excellent poster will briefly but thoroughly give an overview of the joint in order to orient the reader. The bones, muscles and other structures involved will be clearly shown. A clear image of the joint will allow the audience to easily see the nature of the joint.

* Present the joint affliction and describe the etiology of the problem.
In this section you will tell the students about what is the root cause of the affliction.

An excellent poster will clearly and thoroughly outline the causation of the affliction. It will demonstrate that the group has a solid understanding of the origin of the problem.

* Describe the pathophysiology of the joint problem.
Explain how the signs and symptoms of the disorder come about. Sometimes etiology and pathophysiology overlap somewhat – keep in mind that this section focuses on all the noticeable symptoms that are caused.

An excellent poster will contain information presented in a current and understandable
manner. It will clearly lay out how the disease causes signs and symptoms at the
physiologic, cellular, and biochemical level.

* Describe the treatment and prognosis of the joint problem.
Describe current treatments for this disorder, as well as the expected outcome for these treatments.

An excellent poster will use the most recent research to indicate what current practice is in treating the disorder. The poster will cover in a clear and thorough manner the means by which the treatment solves the problem or relieves the symptoms. Expected prognosis will be clearly stated for the described treatments.

* Requirements:
* Use a 36 inch x 48 inch poster (tri-fold). Do not use other sizes.

* Use at least 4 scientifically credible and recent resources. Sources should be clearly cited in APA format on the front of the poster. The sources must be appropriately referenced within the text of the poster so that a reader knows which info (includes images) came from which resource. Only one source may be an A&P textbook; utilize the many other resources available in the lab, the library, and via the internet.

* The poster should be visually attractive with large text (at least 18 point font) and...

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