Tradition Versus Modernization, Which To Reject And Which To Accept?

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Recently newspapers have reported that officials in a little-known mountainous area near Guiyang, Guizhou Province wanted to turn the area into a “central business district” for Guiyang and invited a foreign design company to give it an entirely new look. The design company came up with a blueprint for unconventional, super-futuristic buildings. This has triggered off different responses. Some appreciate of the bold innovation of the design, but others held that it failed to reflect regional characteristics or local cultural heritage. What is your view on this? Write an essay of about 400 words. You should supply an appropriate title for your essay.

Tradition versus modernization, which to reject and which to accept?

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As a mountainous area, with numerous bumpy roads and precipitous paths, it will be dissonant to built super-futuristic buildings in this connection. There have been numberless so called modern cities in China composed of concrete and steel, following the same pattern without their own features. We cannot be attracted by those architectures in most cases, since they fail to combine with local conditions properly. In order to break out of the mould and achieve something individual, the officials should manage to unfold the unique humanities style of the city and take its original culture heritage into account.

In addition, it is unsafe to construct such grand buildings in that mountainous area, where is one of the active seismic belts in southwest China. In the interest of safety, we had better not launch such great project on that place.

Second, we have a better alternative that can save us a respectable sum of money by assigning this design to a native company, as I believe our Chinese people are capable to reach a better appreciation on traditional Chinese culture and history than the foreigners. Innovation sustains the progress of a nation. The only way we can keep our competitive advantages is the independent creation. Therefore, the government should encourage local companies to seize the opportunity and fulfill this design successfully.

In conclusion, the officials should pay more attention to the city’s local characteristics. The governors should make their design suitable for local conditions and try to make the best use of the local resources as well. A fascinating city mainly depends on its regional characteristics and profound history rather than some super-futuristic architecture. Only in this way, can the city fully expresses and reinforce individuality in a rapidly modernizing world and ensure its future development and prosperity.

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