Traditional Societies Rejected Romantic Love Essay

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Traditional societies rejected romantic love were as today's society embraces it, yet it is the most recent and least successful evolutionary stage in the history of marriage. Traditional societies looked at marriage as a family matter not a private affair between two individuals. They believed in preserving and protecting the basic family unit. Marriage was a duty. Arranged marriages require a more durable foundation than romantic love and wisdom is more important then passion when choosing a partner. The true purpose of marriage was a principle rather than the self-interest of the couple, and emotional satisfaction was not the purpose of marriage.Marriage was very important to the preservation of the family, it was considered a very important duty. Arranged marriages in Hindu family's will often cause debt in order to marry off the daughter. The bride's ...view middle of the document...

The selection of mates was determined by social, political and economic considerations directed either toward establishing new ties or old ones. In India and china there is usually a middleman to help the families find suitable mates for their children and do all the financial, religious, social, and other negotiations, which are necessary to bring marriage a successful marriage together. The heads of the family along with their wives and other adult members makes the final decisionIn the past society was more structured married partners did not rely on each other for emotional gratification they could find it elsewhere. Romantic passion has nothing to do with marriage and had always existed outside marriage. Today's society, in America, couples depend on each other for stability and permanence. The child is a clear example of the continuation of the family. He is the result of a duty well done. The child is a link to the past as well as the future. The importance of the family institution in India is no more apparent then with the customs and ceremonies relating to the marriage arrangements and weddings are regarded as important to the security of the family in India, the community demands their continuance even though these customs cost so much for some families.Traditional societies rejected romantic love because marriage was a duty. The procreation of a child extends the family and represents a link to the past and to the future. Marriage was not a private affair between two individuals but a family affair. Emotional satisfaction was not the purpose of marriage. Arranged marriages forces us to acknowledge another human being, whereas romantic love is imagining what the other person is like. Romantic marriage is the most recent and least successful stage in the history of marriage. Emotional satisfaction and the interest of the couple was neither the origin nor purpose of marriage. In my opinion arranged marriages should be the way marriages should be conducted considering love was created by 12th century poets looking to turn around a bored aristocracy.

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