Tragedy Of The Commons Essay

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Analysis of The tragedy of the commons

There are numerous problems the world is facing today- Climate changes, Pollution, Global warming and so on. But the roots of all these lie in the speeded growth of population in the past few centuries. The tragedy of the commons was written by Hardin in 1968 engaging the attention of an educated audience with a scientific bent of mind formulating the population problem. Its is not just about the grazing policy and has a little to with the problems of pollution and land management. It is a threat to the environment at the same time an individual choice.

Hardin Believes that the problem of overpopulation is moral than a technical one. Technical ...view middle of the document...

The greedy mindset often leads to the ruin of commons. This concept can simply be related to giving birth to another child. Addition of child in the family may give benefits to a couple but may be an introduction of social and ecological costs to others.

People should no longer be free to add unlimited number of offsprings to the total load of earth and its resources. As Hardin explores the available options to curb the menace of overpopulation, he suggests the end of the common system. But he feels that conscience of people are not feasible targets since it is neither genetic nor has perfect transmission in learning families. The idea is not to impose restriction of birth of more children but is to make people responsible for the current crisis in the world. Hardin failed to differentiate behaviour according to the socio-economic conditions. If a couple loses their child once, they are more inclined to give birth to another child than to flow with the tide of emotions.

Individual responsibility is an important aspect that should be given importance. Education and awareness are essential to break the menace of the commons by not making them feel restricted. The idea is not enforce the values on individuals but to make them realise that it is the need of the hour. The author does not propose to attack personal liberty of the people and...

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