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In Antigone Creon is the tragic hero. Throughout the story he displays the four tragic hero characteristics. He was a person of high character. Creon was the King of Thebes and he thought he was the most powerful person. Creon didn't think anything could stop him. Pride was Creon's downfall. It lead to the loss of many loved ones that were close to him. At the end Creon realized he was wrong. He tried to fix it but couldn't. What makes Creon a tragic hero in the story Antigone?

     Since Creon was the King of Thebes he didn't care what others would think or say. Creon thought he was above everyone. Creon immediately made the decision that Polyneices would not be ...view middle of the document...

Creon thought what he was doing was right. To him it didn't matter that he destroyed his son's future with Antigone. It didn't matter that he was killing his own family. It also didn't make any difference that the gods tried to stop him and would get even with him. Creon thought he was at the top and in control of all. Creon realizes his tragic flaw got the best of him when he says, "Oh it is hard to give in! but it is worse To risk everything for stubborn pride"(Exodos. 300). Creon finally comes to see that power isn't worth the death of his entire family.

     Creon finally comprehends that he is wrong. He realizes that he is not the power above all. After hearing what Teiresias had to say, Creon tries to fix everything. He goes to get Antigone from the cave and finds she hung herself. Then Haimon stabs himself because he loved her and couldn't live without her. Haimon thought what his father was doing was wrong. Creon runs home is despair and finds that his wife Eurydice found out about the death of their son....

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