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Training Evaluation Strategies Essay

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Landslide Limousine Training Plan

To: Bradley Stonefield owner of Landslide Limousines
From: (Atwood and Allen Consulting advisors)

Re: Landslide Limousine Training Plan

In order to create a competitive advantage in the Limousine service, landslide Limousine will adapt an effective training to all its employees, for that matter a needs assessment, a training methodology and a training evaluation strategy as to be determined. The main purpose of needs assessment is to determine if training is needed and in which areas, after determining a need for training, the assessment analyses the four different subjects that compose the training needs assessment these subjects are the ...view middle of the document...

Occupational assessment and training relates to skills, knowledge and abilities required for a particular occupational group, in this case is the drivers, this training will include etiquette, driving techniques, traffic laws, vehicle maintenance and attire.
Individual assessment and training will be based after determining how well the individual is doing their job and their capacity to do different tasks, for landslide limousine perspective experienced employees that perform well will be trained for future managerial tasks and mentoring skills to apply on new recruits.

Training Methods
The need for transport in the present times created a niche in the market for a special type of service and this is the limousine service. Business professionals, politicians, celebrities, vacationers, and everyone else are seeking for this type of service (Austin, 2014).
Driving a car is a task that most people do on a daily basis, but to become a chauffeur a special training must be completed in expertly maneuvering different vehicles and the correct way to escort passengers (Austin, 2014).
Most professional chauffeurs take into their own responsibility to take the necessary training before hired at a company or for private services. This possibility offers Landslide Limousine Service a free asset to acquire and reduce to a certain point expense in training. However, a training plan is necessary to ensure the quality of service and the success of the enterprise (Austin, 2014).
Mr. Stonefield requested a training plan for his limousine service and the following training methods are suggested to develop the right plan:
Types of media
Professional training schools represent a cost it may be worth considering it for the simple reason that everything is provided by the organization giving the service and Landslide Limousine Service can rely on quality training. The cost of having a training department is sometimes greater than the cost of outsourcing it (Cascio, W. p309).
Information-presentation techniques that allow the company to maintain an ongoing training system using interactive multimedia, Internet, and tutoring software that provides the employee additional training and a systematic program of organizational improvement (Cascio, W. p309).
Simulation methods provided through computers or specialized equipment to train drivers on the possible situations encountered on the road. Although purchasing this type of equipment can be expensive for Landslide, there are companies that offer the use of this equipment for a small fee (Cascio, W. p309).
On-the-job training, the most common of trainings and possibly the lowest in cost is possibly the best choice for Landslide Limousine Service considering the limitations in revenue (Cascio, W. p309).
Learning principles
Promoting efficient learning to enhance the performance on the job and ultimately meet company goals requires incorporating principles of learning focused on skill learning and...

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