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Training and Mentoring
The importance of training and developing employees is to help them better understand their job duties.
Training will help to develop the proper sales skills involved from basic sales to closing of sales deals, personal interaction with fellow associates, working in teams, and customer relations.
The first is to establish professional customer relations, usually in the proper greeting of a customer or professional greeting over the phone. For example, answering the phone in a professional manner.
“Hello, thank you for calling Enviro Tech/InterClean Inc. How may I help you today?”
This form of greeting will let the customer know whom they are calling and let ...view middle of the document...

Some of the course work will be web based and have to be done online, but classes will be given at the company, where the associate can learn in groups with their peers.
Performance will be how well the sales associate can perform under pressure when the sales become demanding and how to increase sales during a slow period.
Performance evaluations will also include the sales of liquid cleaners, organic cleaners, hard tools, such as: mops, brooms, pressure hoses, etc. to the sales of gross products for large companies and the presentation of personal appearance.
The program seminars in class will be held at the company in the early mornings, before the opening of the day and late evenings after the closing of the day. Each class will last two hours for each session, once a week. Classes online will also involve a quiz to make sure the employee understands the products he or she are selling.
These classes will be held once every three months to ensure the staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of sales and to ensure quality service to the customer.
After the course is completed, an evaluation will be given to show the sales staff, supervisors, and managers what should be done and how to go about implementing the new sales techniques.
Positive feedback will be given every quarter to each salesperson, show their strengths, and weakness, if any, and how to make improvements in areas where the staff is lacking, and help to improve sales prowess. It will...

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