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Counselling skills transcribed interview essay
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“Counselling is a process that requires a coherent framework or structure. This framework is necessary as a guide for both counsellor and client; although it is not always rigidly followed, it serves as a map or reference point in the practice of counselling. Egan (1994) offers a structural model of counselling that divides the process into three main components”. (Hough,2014,pg 44)
During the counselling skills interview conducted with my younger sister, I used Egans’s model as a guide. Egan’s 3 stage model when ...view middle of the document...

“The word ‘paraphrasing’ refers to the rewording of the content of what clients say”. (Hough,2014,pg59)

The Egan model provides a structured approach for developing skills.

When my client arrived at my home, I sat her down on the opposite end of the sofa to me and asked how she was, I wanted her to feel secure and comfortable. I feel I succeeded in my active listening skills as I demonstrated my listening through non-verbal, eye contact and nodding.
I used the Egan model as a guide, for me personally it provides structure and guidance in the approach for developing counselling skills. I do think in this case I relied on it and tried to follow too much which took me away from my client a little bit. She may not have noticed but I felt it and heard it in the recording.
I paraphrased my clients statements somewhat effectively (but not enough) to demonstrate my understanding of her issue. However, I feel I needed to decrease the amount of times I said “erm” and “like”, it makes me sound extremely unprofessional.
I also need to be more aware of how I asked my open ended question, by not being too invasive and direct.
At the beginning of the counselling session I tried to adopt an open and positive attitude towards my client. I demonstrated this by making my client comfortable and asking how she was, before talking about contract and boundaries.
“A helping relationship starts from the very first glimpse a help-seeker has of you”. (Evans,2013,pg113)
I thought by making my client comfortable I would establish a sense of rapport. The feedback I received in class from the roleplay we did in our triads, the observer said I used SOLER and active listening skills effectively and that I seemed relaxed and I also reflected and summarised, so I tried to keep this in mind as for some reason it came naturally to me class, but it is clear nerves got to me as I felt under pressure to perform as the session was being recorded.
By using the usual person to person encounter, expressing equality, I thought my client would feel secure and ready to communicate. It seemed effective as she responded with a smile and asked how I was.
Further along in the session using cognitive-behavioural therapy, (still following Egan’s model) I felt I was using my active listening skills which is definitely a strong point of mine. “Active listening is a term used in relation to counselling. Egan (1994) lists several factors that are necessary for complete listening, and these include the observation of clients’ non-verbal behaviour as well as ...

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