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Transformational Leadership Essay

4826 words - 20 pages

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic and Management Engineering Vol:8, No:10, 2014

The Impact of Strategic HRM Practices on Employee’s
Job Satisfaction: The Moderating Effect of
Transformational Leadership
Zeeshan Hamid, Sarwar Mehmood Azhar

International Science Index Vol:8, No:10, 2014

Abstract—The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the positive
impact of SHRM practices and transformational leadership style on
employees job satisfaction and to develop a conceptual understanding
of the moderating role of transformational leadership between the
relationship ...view middle of the document...

The study of [6]-[8] showed that HRM practices include
compensation, and trainings are negatively related to
employee’s turnover because these practices motivate
employees and create a long term association between
organization and employees. Employee’s job satisfaction is
defined as feelings about the job that is related to availability
of learning environment, career advancement, promotional
opportunities, salary increments, benefits and security of job
[9]. Another significant contribution to performance of
organizations comes from the theoretical contribution from
leadership literature.

Zeeshan Hamid, MS Scholar, is with the School of Business and
Economics, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
(Corresponding author: e-mail:
Sarwar Mehmood Azhar, PhD, Professor, Director PhD Program and
CGR, is with the School of Business and Economics, University of
Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

International Scholarly and Scientific Research & Innovation 8(10) 2014

Leadership is a process that can be better understood and
explained as either transactional or transformational, it is a
process that explains how leader-employee influence each
other [10]. This paper focuses on transformational leadership
style as theoretically transformational leadership motivate
employees by engaging them to perform beyond primary
objectives and goal to enhance the performance of
organization. Further the study of [11] found a stronger effect
of transformational leadership on job satisfaction of
employees. Followers are influenced by the transformational
leader in many ways such as; goals elevation of followers, and
opportunity to improvement of self-confidence to go beyond
minimum accepted principles [12].
There is growing evidence in the literature that shows that
SHRM practices have an impact on employee’s job
satisfaction [1], [13], [14] while transformational leadership
has also been shown to have a significant impact on job
satisfaction [1], [11], [13], [14] given that two demonstrate
significant independent relationships with performance and
intuitively suggests that there will be an inter relationship
between two as well as employee job satisfaction. There is no
study that comes to on knowledge which has empirically
tested for such a relationship between the two and their
interrelated relationship with performance.
Hence, this study attempts to fill the gap in the SHRM
literature by proposing theoretical framework consisting four
SHRM practices including training [15]-[17], compensation
[16], [18], [19], employment security [16], [17], [19], and
internal career opportunities [20], [21] that are positively
related with employees job satisfaction. This study focus on
four elements of employee’s job satisfaction: trainings,
compensation, job security, and internal promotion/career
opportunities. In addition, transformational leadership style
may also...

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