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Transformers Essay

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Curtis Major P1
Chapter 1: The Renaissance and Reformation (1300 – 1650)
I. The Renaissance in Italy
A. What was the Renaissance
1. A New Worldview Evolves
2. A Spirit of Adventure
3. Expressing Humanism
B. Italy: Cradle of the Renaissance
1. Italy’s History and Geography
2. Italy’s Vibrant City-States
C. Renaissance Art Flowers
1. Reflecting Humanist Thought
2. Using New Artistic Techniques
3. Architecture: A “Social Art”
4. Leonardo da Vinci
5. Michelangelo
* Sculpture, engineer, painter, architect, poet
“melancholy genius” – his work reflects his many life- long spiritual & artistic struggles
* Created the marble statues David & pieta
* Painted murals on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in Rome
6. Raphael
* Sweet natured
* Developes his oen style
D. Writing for a New Society
* Interest & curiosity in ...view middle of the document...

What was the Renaissance
1. A New Worldview Evolves
2. A Spirit of Adventure
3. Expressing Humanism
B. Italy: Cradle of the Renaissance
3. Italy’s History and Geography
4. Italy’s Vibrant City-States
C. Renaissance Art Flowers
7. Reflecting Humanist Thought
8. Using New Artistic Techniques
9. Architecture: A “Social Art”
10. Leonardo da Vinci
11. Michelangelo
12. Raphael
D. Writing for a New Society
3. Castiglione’s Ideal Courtier
4. Machiavelli’s Successful Prince
II. The Renaissance in the North
A. Printing Revolution
B. Northern Renaissance Artists
1. Flemish Painters
2. Durer “Leonardo of the North”
C. Northern Humanists And writers
1. Erasmus: Making Humanism Popular
2. Sir Thomas More’s Ideal Society
3. Rabelais’s Comic Masterpiece
4. Shakespeare Writes for All Time
III. The Protestant Reformation
A. Background to the Reformation
1. Church Abuses
2. Early Revolts Against the Church
B. Martin Luther: Catalyst of Change
1. Writing the 95 Theses
2. Igniting a Firestorm
3. Luther’s Teachings
4. Luther’s Ideas Spread
5. The Peasant’s Revolt
6. The Peace of Augsburg
C. Switzerland’s Reformation
IV. Reformation Ideas Spread
A. An Explosion of Protestant Sects
B. The English Reformation
1. Henry VIII Seeks an Annulment
2. Breaking With the Church
3. Strengthening the Church of England
4. Religious Turmoil
5. The Elizabethan Settlement
C. The Catholic Reformation
1. Council of Trent
2. Empowering the Inquisition
3. Founding the Jesuits
4. Teresa of Avila
5. Legacy of the Catholic Reformation
D. Widespread Persecution
1. Conducting Witch Hunts
2. Persecuting Jews
V. The Scientific Revolution
A. Changing Views of the Universe
1. Copernicus Challenges Ancient Astronomy
2. Galileo’s “Heresies”
B. A New Scientific Method
1. Bacon and Descartes: Revolutionary Thinkers
2. A Step-by-Step Process
C. Breakthroughs in Medicine and Chemistry
1. Exploring the Human Body
2. Transforming Chemistry
D. Isaac Newton Links the Sciences

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