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Transforming Data Into Information Essay

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Transforming Data into Information

Transforming Data into Information
This paper will be covering the process and topic of transforming data into information as it relates to Economist chart. We will cover the following elements in this process. The logistics of the program; input, processing and output. The hardware components responsible for this process; Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory, and storage. Definitions of both information and data will be examined to assist developer in discerning the differences in goals and a complete project. Nearing the end of the programming process we will explain more on the application program, operating system, higher language ...view middle of the document...

The finest advanced information systems when broken down to their utmost basic levels, the computer is only handling ones and zeros. This raw data is store on a hard drive somewhere. Once that data has reached the end-user on the screen it is no long ones and zeros. The central processing unit has changed the ones and zeros to an output friendly enough for the user while using the memory as a temporary place to store the translation, like taking notes in a class on piece of paper. This basic model can be seen all devices now days.
Definitions of Information and Data
Information is a logical, user friendly, sequence of data that is organized to be look at by a user. Information is lucid enough where the user can grasp it. Data on the other hand is usually hard to decipher, has no order, no structure, or logic involved in its raw form. It is a string of variables relating to a sequence or a response. Only when data is placed in a proper process, does it become information.
Application Program and the Operating System
The application program for the economist’s investigation produces a person life expectancy in correspondence to their education level chart based their research. During the economist’s research they probably used several different application such as electronic mail (email) to communicate and electronic documents to store the information. These programs were written in code for...

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