Transition To Middle Adulthood Essay

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According to The National Institute of Open Schooling (2004), middle age is a termused to describe the period of latter twenties, into thirties and forties, and leading into late fifties. This period is characterized by increased competence, maturity, responsibility and stability. This is the e when one wants to enjoy the success of job, satisfaction derived from the family and social life. People look forward to the success of their children as attention becomes focused on health, the fate of children, aging parents, the use of leisure time and plans for old age. For women, menopause occurs between the ages of forty-five and fifty. Menopause is typically accompanied by some distressing ...view middle of the document...

The major physical changes associated with aging are described as external changes, internal changes and changes in the sensory capacities. External changes consist of symptoms such as graying hair, aging skin, shift in posture and the development of wrinkles and other changes. Internal changes refer to the symptoms of growing old that are not outward and visible. These include the changes in the respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, central nervous system and cardiovascular system. Lastly are sensory abilities that also gradually change with age. Even though individuals make use of all five senses consistently throughout their lifespan, hearing, vision and sense of smell and taste can all deteriorate with age (NIOS, 2004).Psychologically there is often an increase in depression that often accompanies newly diagnosed medical conditions. There may also be an increased realization of mortality as most times as there is a more intense significance when loved ones pass away. Dealing with time seeming to pass much more quickly is also significant as individuals begin to wonder about whether we have lived up to our own personal expectations. Transitional periods of adulthood are necessary to personal growth and development as individuals begin to examine underlying values, assumptions, expectations, feelings, and beliefs that take place during the midlife transition (O'Connor and Wolfe, 1990).According to The National Institute of Open Schooling (2004), aging is affected by many factors such as stress, tension, habits, undisciplined life, poor health work habits and more. Leading a disciplined life means giving the body enough time to rest, proper work habits, less tensions, proper nutrition and spirituality. Some basic effective coping strategies include incorporating strategies such as following a well balanced diet, eating healthy, exercising regularly, reducing stress, stop smoking, and drinking alcohol or caffeine, and other drugs, maintain a positive sense of self and develop the powers of faith and spirituality. More specifically, individuals can...

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