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Transitions Billy Elliot And Big Essay

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As we transition through life we are eventually forced to challenge our own position in this world. These transitions may be controllable or beyond our control, but both allow us to transform our attitude and transition into new phases of life.
The film “Billy Elliott” by Stephen Daldry shows the transition of a young boy living in a poverty stricken mining town who wants to move into the world of ballet. The transition that Billy undergoes is difficult and is often hindered by obstacles such as Billy farther Jackie. A similar ...view middle of the document...

Despite this Billy continues to pursue his dream of dance. Whilst Billy dances in his room, the non-diegetic sounds of Cosmic Dancer by T.Rex play. The lyrics of the song foreshadow Billy’s ambitions, however it is his family that is inflicting on him reaching his dream of becoming a dancer. This in turn makes Billy begin private lessons with Mrs. Wilkinson.
As seen throughout the course of the film it is Billy’s sheer determination and later the support of his family, namely Jackie that allows him to reach the top of the hill and metaphorically enter a new life.

Big World (Persona)/Obstacles
Compared to the transitions of Billy, Tim Winton’s “Big World” focuses more on the mundane as it tells the story of two boys as they transition from school life into the big world.
Winton’s uses sensory imagery “week after week an endless misting drizzle” to highlight just how bleak and dreary the town is and sets the scene for the boy’s transition from the town to trying to find the narrators “blue sky up north”. Winton does not name the story’s narrator, instead uses Colloquial language such as “white ant him and old codgers” to capture the narrators tone and personality. As the two are traveling along the highway the narrator begins reminiscing about his school life. The line “I know I’m stuck in something I can’t figure my way out of” Show that the persona knows why he failed and that he may actually regret his decisions.
When the two meet Meg the narrator finale understands his relationship with Biggie, leading him to change his attitude about his exam. After the narrator parts ways with Biggie, he heads home for a second chance at the exams. It is then reveled that he had family and eventually settles into his new place in life.


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