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Translocation Of Particulate Matter Essay

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Translocation of Particulate Matter
Earl Dickerson, Jr.

Translocation of Particulate Matter
In Section 9.3, the authors have observed translocation of particular matter. The important notions they have discussed in connection with particulate matter translocation are epithelial barrier, endothelial barrier, and dendritic cells. In the following paper, these notions will be considered with the purpose of identifying their role in the body response to particulate matter exposures.
Epithelial Barrier
Epithelial barrier is the unique body mechanism supporting transportation of different chemical substances including nutrients and water into the ...view middle of the document...

Particles Crossing the Endothelial Barrier
Since the endothelial barrier is a porous membrane, particles of specific size may cross it (Sharma & Tepas, 2010). According to the findings made by Sharma and Tepas (2010), particles smaller than 10 μm are able to cross through the endothelial barrier and reach the bloodstream. The structure of the endothelial barrier described in the following quotation explains why such extensive molecules as particulate matter can cross through the membrane into the bloodstream:
“The endothelial monolayer system is constructed by glueing a 13-mm-diameter
polycarbonate filter with a pore size of 0.8 ^m to a polystyrene cylinder with a 13-mm
exterior diameter and a 9-mm inner diameter. The filters in the assembled
chamhers are seeded with endothelial cells at a density of 0.8 X 10' cells/ml (Malik,
Lynch & Cooper, 1989, p. 63).
From the above-mentioned quotation, a conclusion can be made that the endothelial barrier consists of molecules of different sizes, which makes the barrier capable of letting in the substances of different diameter. According to Malik, Lynch and Cooper (1989), this diameter may range from “182 to 340,000 daltons” (p. 64).
The Role of Dendritic Cells
According to Gurjar, Molina and Ojha (2010), dendritic cells can cross the epithelial barrier, phagocyte, particles of varied chemical substances including...

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