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Transport The Way To Go In A Jam

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Transport The way to go

In a jam

Getting on track
Road to nowhere
Did you know

The past 50 years have seen a revolution in the way we travel. We’re able to travel further and faster and do more. Millions of us today have more independence and mobility than ever before. That’s partly because most households in the UK now own a car. But cars are a mixed blessing. The way we travel is having a huge impact on us, our environment and the economy. Air pollution from traffic makes asthma worse for millions of children. Thousands of people are killed or seriously injured on the roads every year. Some of our most important wildlife sites and best countryside are threatened by ...view middle of the document...


More roads, wider motorways, more congestion, more accidents and health problems, wasted money

Business as usual
More traffic, expensive buses and trains, more climate change, more stress

Pie in the sky
Bigger airports, more flights, more noise, more climate change

This booklet shows why transport that would be good for the environment would also make life better for everyone. It offers ideas about what you and your family can do to help. For more information please also visit

Way to go
Better and more affordable buses and trains, greener cars, safer streets, improved health, real choices


Road to ruin

Climate-changing emissions from road transport are forecast to rise for years to come. Because of climate change, extreme and unpredictable weather, flooding, droughts and the spread of tropical diseases are already having a devastating impact around the world. Getting control of transport emissions will be essential if the UK Government is to make yearly reductions in carbon dioxide output. Many main roads are very congested. But new and wider highways don’t solve the problems for long - they actually encourage longer journeys and generate more traffic. New roads cost hundreds of millions of pounds, which could be better spent in other ways – such as on promoting cycling, walking and public transport use through ‘smarter travel choices’ initiatives which are proven to cut car trips. A national programme is estimated to cost £2 billion - the same as the Highways Agency’s 2 most expensive new road schemes. It’s not easy living in a car-dominated society if you don’t have a car, particularly if shops and hospitals are not within walking or cycling distance. Bus services are inadequate in many rural areas. Over half of Britain’s poorest households don’t have access to a car, yet many of these households live in the areas with most traffic, most accidents and worst pollution. Roads make a mess of our countryside and take their toll on wildlife: for example up to 45,000 badgers are killed on Britain’s roads every year.

Cars will be part of transport in the future but we need to use them less than we do now and make sure they’re less polluting.

Did you know

In the past 30 years traffic on our roads has more than doubled. More of us have cars and we’re using them more.

Up to 24,000 people die prematurely in the UK every year as a result of air pollution, much of it pumped out by road traffic in our towns and cities. The number of 4x4s sold in the UK rose by nearly 13 per cent between 2003 and 2004, whereas sales of minis and super-minis fell by 4 per cent. Campaigning by Friends of the Earth helped persuade the Chancellor to cut car tax on the most fuel-efficient vehicles. A higher tax on gas-guzzlers would discourage their use. Children from the poorest households in the UK are five times more likely to be killed as pedestrians in a road accident than children...

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