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5.7 Transportation
Transportation system was one of the important sectors which contribute to the well development of a place. Technically, transportation system was a fundamental part of logistics and planning whenever vehicles are used to move people or items from one location to another. Daily activities of the people were related to the transportation, people using the public transport and private vehicles to arrive at its destination. Generally, transportation system in the study area can be divided into land transport and water transport. This study emphasizes the aspects of existing traffic system in Tanjung Dawai. Transportation system is an important element in determining the ...view middle of the document...

To identify the traffic volume 2. To identify degree of congestion 3. To identify the existing condition | * Number of vehicles * Transportation mode * Type, size of road and number of lane * Passenger Car Unit (PCU) | Primary data: * Traffic surveySecondary data: * JKR | * Degree of congestion * Traffic volume at peak hour * Type of vehicles most use by road users * Road Hierarchy |
Traffic Management | 1. To identify the existing of traffic signs and traffic signals | * Road lane line * Turning line * Direction of traffic flow * Information signals | Primary data: Site Observation | * The movement and flow of traffic |
Public Transportation * Express Bus * Boat | 1. To identify services of public transport | * Trip route * Trip duration * Trip schedule * Trip fees | Primary data: * Inventory Secondary data: * City Liner Sdn. Bhd | * The important of public transport to local people |
Parking Area | 1. To identify condition of the parking area based on planning guidelines. | * Condition of...

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