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Trend On Mobile Payment Essay

5837 words - 24 pages

Touch to PAY
Mobile payment using RFID

PMBA6009 Class A
Strategic Information Systems

Group 2 project report
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1. Emergence of Mobile Payment: NFC
2. Mobile Payment and NFC in Japan
3. Mobile Payment and NFC in China
4. Description, advantages, disadvantages & comparison of RFID & NFC
5. Security and Privacy Problems
6. Future adoption of RFID and NFC
7. Challenges of Mobile Payments: Adoption in Emerging Nations
8. Appendices

Executive Summary:
1. Emergence of Mobile ...view middle of the document...

In order for radio waves to penetrate through the handsets to communicate with readers, the contactless-chip interface and antenna in the RF-SIM card is designed to be operated at the 2.4 GHz frequency.
The standalone RF-SIM card makes it easier for subscribers to start using the system -- all that is needed is to change the SIM card, not an entire phone. And the RF-SIM card is compatible with most mobile phones and users can simply replace their existing SIM card with a new RF-SIM card in order to use their phone to make mobile contactless payments.
RF-SIM in 2010 Shanghai World Expo
China Mobile officially launched its proprietary RF-SIM card scheme in 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The subscribers can buy the contactless RF-SIM cards for a one-off fee of 150 RMB, replace old SIM card with the new one and by just simply swiping their mobile phones, they can ride shanghai subway, enter into Expo venues, and pay at some stores and restaurants, including McDonald’s restaurants and Starbucks cafés.
The Shanghai Expo’ s mobile ticket system based on RFID technology supported the functions of ticket counting, fast check-in and reservation support. It withstood the challenges of high passenger flow and the average check-in time was no more than 20 seconds, greatly improving entry efficiency for visitors. And the RF-SIM card users can access information about the Expo pavilion, weather and transportation through their cell phones in the park.
During Shanghai Expo, China Mobile issued 3 million RF-SIM cards and installed 15,000 POS terminals. The implementation of RF-SIM Card in Shanghai World Expo was reported to be a great success.
A battle over rival mobile payment technologies in China
But when it comes to the national roll out of the RF-SIM cards after the Shanghai World Expo, the different frequency used by RF-SIM cards brought China Mobile a big problem. RF-SIM cards adopt 2.4GHz frequency, which is the Ultra high frequency, in order for radio waves to penetrate through the mobile phone, while NFC technology embeds the RFID chip into the mobile phone and uses lower frequency which is 13.56MHz frequency.
While China Mobile's proposed 2.4GHz standard is more advanced than the traditional NFC standard, it has encountered difficulties due to the lack of a mature industry chain. The majority of the existing POS terminals supplied by banks and other financial organizations use the 13.56MHz frequency standard, which is not compatible with RF-SIM cards. If China Mobile wants to continue with the 2.4GHz standard, it has to bankroll the deployment of new POS terminals, which would constitute an extremely large expense for China Mobile. So NFC's compatibility with existing payments and ticketing infrastructures is seen as its key advantage over RF-SIM technology.
For China Mobile, however, the advantage of being able to cost-effectively upgrade its 470 million subscribers' mobiles is seen as outweighing the cost of upgrading POS machines to accept...

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