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Trends Assement Hcl Technologies Essay

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HCL Technologies provide a range of outsourcing services, business process outsourcing, and infrastructure services. The purpose of this paper is analyze trends and economic forces that impact changes in the global marketplace, analyze the impact of market trends in driving innovations in organizational, structure, culture, and process, and also to analyze leadership in relation to the effectiveness of general management planning and decision making. Majority of my information will come from HCL Technologies case study with Nayar’s insights about the subject.

Analyze trends and economic forces that impact changes in the global marketplace.

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If a company like HCL Technologies find a quicker service than it can cut cost almost in half. HCL could provide better software and latest technology trends with a smaller staff and fewer upgrades. The use of smart phones and tablets are becoming more common than desktops and lap tops. Every business man or woman loves the mobile web. They can access the world wide web on the go. In a couple of years the smart phone will be the primary computer in households and corporate offices. The first IT company that can find a way for their customers to access their information and send files with the press of a button on their mobile phone will be winning. HCL should understand all these technology trends if they want to be the top business in 2013.
“There is an increasing trend to firms to expand their operations and market reach beyond the borders of their home country” (Hickman 2010). HCL Technologies is growing and becoming worldwide. As the company goes global then the need for employees from diverse backgrounds will be needed to run that company in certain countries. The global trend is based on the concept “Employee First, Customer Second. Nayar States “As we grew, how could we sustain our focus on employee first, customer second” (Hickman 2010). Most businesses puts the customer first then the employee second but HCL concept will only work unless employee come up with creative ideals for customers to do business with them. The concept will work by employees communicating with each other and using a combination of diverse backgrounds to create new ideals. As the company grows there will be a need for employees and women could be hired. A Woman could have a top position at HCL Technologies. This could be a social cultural trend; the changing of cultures and societies over time. Economic forces due to these trends are material costs, government regulation, and competition. Materials cost could be a big expense for HCL Technologies as they try to find a location to set up shop and to purchase satellites so they can receive a signal to start business in that foreign country. They also have to make sure their polices match the government standards and polices of that country. HCL might have women supervisors and that might not be permitted in some countries. Competition will be a factor in any industry because it has an impact on overall sales for the company.
Analyze the impact of market trends in driving innovations in organizational structure, culture, and processes

Technology and Global trends impact innovation and change in global markets at HCL Technologies. The trends also impact change in the organizational structure, leadership, and culture. “By changing the culture of an organization, top management can directly influence the motivation and behavior of organizational members” (Hickman 2010). For instance say a new technology trend like cloud computing is used at HCL Technologies and the employees love it, this could influence...

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