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Trends Of Cybercrimes Essay

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The Future of Cybersecurity
LaToya Crook
October 26, 2015
Professor David Pettinari

The Future of Cybersecurity
The world in which we live is becoming more socially connected than ever before. It seems that technological advances have met, if not exceeded, anyone's expectations as new ways to communicate continue to develop. Due to the innovations of mobile connections, global technologies, and the ominous cloud, information can be shared and accessed at the touch of a screen or the sound of one's voice. Digital equipment that were unheard of just five years ago now inundates both professional and personal arenas. As a result, organizations, as well as their employees, ...view middle of the document...

Cybersecurity, the Government and the Private Sector
Due to the overwhelming ability of cybercrime to cause damage on an international level, adequate security will require national and international intervention. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is a prime example of the national effort made by the United States to create interagency collaboration. This governmental entity can connect with others on a global scale to conduct investigations beyond the American border. It will become necessary for all countries to uphold the future endeavors of intelligence agencies such as this to identify and thwart future attacks and threats against any country (Robinson, 2013). Simply responding to technology-based attacks is now considered an antiquated concept because indicting the guilty parties after the damage is no longer the objective. Prevention is the key to combatting cybercrime. Admittedly, staying even one step ahead of cybercriminals will take more than just the work of one governmental initiative. Other international organizations, for example, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union are also joining forces to effectively guard the nations. The thought that the best safeguard is to attack first is significant to the eventual fate of proactively battling cybercrimes (Robinson, 2013).
Nevertheless, there still exists no standard blueprint for policies against cybercrime because different national security endeavors are advancing independently. In the United States, the National Institute of Standards and Technology is making the Cybersecurity Framework. The framework consists of a voluntary list of recommendations for the security of critical infrastructure (Robinson, 2013). The European Commission is developing the Network and Information Security Platform. Furthermore, as countries create methodologies for securing cyberspace, there is a danger that unaligned strategies could make a divided or inadequately secured worldwide base. A few contrasts among national approaches are inescapable. Cybersecurity must differ from nation to nation because every country confronts its unique set of threats and needs that reflect those risks. In response to the need to develop a universal framework by which strategies can cooperate, Microsoft has created a whitepaper titled Developing a National Strategy for Cybersecurity (Jackson, 2013). This document focuses on creating a basis for best practices through the identification of fundamental security measures that can benefit all nations (Jackson, 2013).
Legal Limitations
The Department of Justice is responsible for the prosecution of cyber criminals on a national level. The FBI works with other federal law enforcement agencies to conduct investigations related to cybercrime. The mission of the FBI against cybercrime consists of four objectives. The first task is to stop perpetrators of the most damaging computer invasions and those who spread “malicious code” (Snow, 2013)....

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