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Tropical Rainforest Essay

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Tropical Rainforest
Megan L. Cleveland
JUNE 14, 2015
Mr. Davis

Tropical Rainforest
An ecosystem is a unique environment where every living thing is interdependent, and one of the most complex yet most interesting ecosystems in the world will be found in the rainforest. The dark and recessed thick plant growth make it one of the most moist places on Earth. If a person studies the plants and animals that compromise the rainforest ecosystem; a person can gain a basic understanding of why scientists and ecologists alike are concerned about the disappearing tropical jungles. Rain forests have the most complex and species rich ecosystems on Earth. A rain forest biome is very ...view middle of the document...

The river in the Amazon spans section of five countries and would compromise the ninth largest country in the world if it became its own, The Amazon rainforest houses twenty percent of the plants and birds in the world. The Amazon is nick named “The lungs of the world” because it houses more than percent of the oxygen needed in the world to live.
Many scientists are concerned about the disappearing rainforests in areas such as the Amazon. Destruction of this magnitude affects animal life, as well as, rare plant species. “Human species will eventually feel the impact, as well due to 25% of the ingredients in our medicines are coming from rainforest plants. More than seventy percent of plants that have the anti-cancer properties are found in rainforests. Humans have greatly affected this by clearing forests for modern medicine gain. Rainforests cover around 5% of the Earth’s surface, but contain more than half of the animal and plant species on the planet.” (Rainforest facts, n.d.)
Rainforests also act as a huge water pump. They absorb water when it is plentiful and release it when it is scares thus balancing the water availability. During the wet season, this prevents flooding, erosion, and keeps large rainforest river systems the Congo and the Amazon from running out of water during the drought season. The agriculture in and around the rainforest river systems would suffer if they were lose those water pumps. Some countries that benefit from them are major food exporters and the loss of production would impact many other countries.
“Understanding that Everyone, without exception, completely depends on the Earth’s ecosystems and services for food, water, and the physical basics of their cultures; understanding these diverse phenomena and their interactions- the complete Earth system as an integrated whole. It is essential if policy makers and civil society are to have the opportunity to politically address these major environmental and societal changes.” (Lewis, 2005)
“The atmosphere, oceans, terrestrial ecosystems, and the dominant mammal- Homo Sapiens- all interact in...

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