Troubled Youth Essay

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Troubled Youth

I started the first day very fearless, yet reserved. I knew had to face this challenge head on. At the time I was working a regular job during the night for about eight hours a day. The accomplishment was different though; it happened shortly after receiving the job. I was just beginning community service at the same time at a local elementary school as a helper to the janitors. The crime was petty but it inhibited fifty hours of free service to the local education center.

I chose this place because of its relative ease, and it was also an area I could easily get to and from. Upon first arrival I met the principal of the school. He would be my superior, but my ...view middle of the document...

This really didn’t matter to him due to the fact that he was mentally unstable. He dragged his feet while walking and could barely hold his up in any given situation. His speech was often times so slurred that he would say something everyone in the room would look at him, and then ignore what had just happened and go back to their business.

I spent most of the days on a routine. We would go from room to room, cleaning everything. We listened to the same radio station everyday. The music spoke of different times, old values that no longer have function, and have been forgotten. I enjoyed these rather uplifting songs and I too began to feel the positive message they once spoke.

Throughout the days thoughts and ramblings filled my head to surpass the time, and I would often times remember my years as an elementary student. Innocence once carried by all who inhabit that world has been all but forgotten and it’s hard to believe how far the time has unwound. Remembering the thought I once had questioning what it would be like when I’m older and how will things have changed? I lost the very principles that I held so high at that time, and this is reason for wondering. This heavy reminder played my mind, often times trickling déjà vu. This connection was an uncanny way of me trying to find answers to questions that I am just now beginning to ask.

The worst work I had to endure was on my second day...

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