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True Intentions Of Media Criticisms Essay

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• Summary of the article-
Regarding the true intentions of media criticisms towards the body image of young models in Australia.

This essay will look at the structure of Safe’s article in terms of ethos, pathos and logos.

I argue that this is a strong, well written article, despite it lacking elements of Pathos.


The author’s credentials

Accuracy of her research- Does her research correctly back up her opinions. Are her facts up to date. Is her article credible?



Logically ordered her thoughts

Used facts to back up each point

Her points all link well ...view middle of the document...

In these situations, the true intentions of the media can be questioned as the majority of Australian women come under the category of being overweight. Where is the sense in their criticizing a person who even after putting on a bit of weight still does not fall into the category of being overweight.
Towards the end of the article, Safe compares the fashion industry in America and Europe with the fashion industry in Australia. She portrays Australia as being backwards in their depiction of models. She draws this conclusion in pointing out well known 90’s supermodels such as Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, who are well known for being fuller-figured and for being the faces of some of the biggest names in fashion. When they have been accepted in the world of fashion, why is it, that models such as Ward are being penalized?
In support of the federal Youth Minister Kate Ellis voluntary code against the media, she concludes by stating that it’s the media who have to start making the changes, because it is they who propagate the image of young women.

Georgina Safe is the current fashion editor for The Australia Newspaper. She has written numerous Fashion articles in The Australia in the Lifestyle section. I could not find any more information about her and regarding her years of experience and specific field of experience, however from a couple of other articles I read which were written by her, her knowledge in fashion proved to be vast and added credibility to this article. She certainly knows her facts.
Safe would have written this article in order to expose the media’s real intentions toward the body image; in particular that of female models.
Throughout the article Safe criticizes the media while cleverly using facts to support her claims of the media’s hypocrisy. With the use of facts, she effectively accomplishes her aim of writing the article.
In questioning the authenticity of the author’s facts and research, I did my own further research.
Throughout her article, Safe emphasizes her frustration at the media for their role in the portrayal of women, “You have to wonder whether the media is acting out of concern for young women's body image or to sell newspapers, and I think we all know the answer to that one”. (Safe 2009) In relation to her statement, many times over the media has been criticized for their portrayal of women. There seems to be no way of satisfying the media when it comes to body image. Is there a perfect body size? The media has created a stereotype toward body image and they continue to portray to us how we should look, “the media does give us images of how we have to be in order to be attractive to ourselves and other people”. (Jade 2009) The media are imposing standards of beauty being on women. (Geber 2009) The constant harassment from the fashion police or the body image police; as they are also known, is a problem that celebrities most often face as we can see in magazines. This is what...

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