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True North Finding Your Personal Compass

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After reading Chapter One, it's important to examine your life story and leadership opportunities to this point, with an emphasis on the influences of your early years and instances of your leadership. Discover Your Leadership in Your Life Story

1. During your early years, which people had the greatest impact on you?
A: Growing up, I was mesmerized by my father superior (I am an arm force brat). I was very fascinated by all the honors and respect an army officer got. What I didn’t realized was that my dad was the subject of admiration to other kids in in camp ( I life in military camps through out my childhood) and deep inside I developed the desire at least become the man that my dad ...view middle of the document...

Coming from an area where abuse of power is legend with a disregard to policies when one has influences, I am proud to know that my dad through the humility of his person and his fear of God was able to exposed his kids to the true values of life.

4. Looking at patterns from your early life story, what people, events, and experiences have had the greatest impact on you and your life?
a) People
To support the African proverb that says: “it takes a village to raise a child” I can affirms that my early childhood saw the influences of many figure such as:
* My mother who wanted all her kids to achieve a level of education that she couldn’t achieve
* My father who just like my mum, devoted his entire life to make sure that we always had food on the table to be able to accomplish our dream
* My college professors back in Cameroon (two of them stand out) who instilled in me the love for sciences in general and biochemistry in particular.
One of the events that really shape my career and at the same time gave me the experience and knowledge to pursue a career in my current field was guided by the two professors I mentioned earlier. In 2003 when I decided to attend a Molecular Biology Workshop through New England Biolabs in Northampton MA, it was through the guidance of my professors whom have in the past attended the workshop themselves.
C)The experience and knowledge I gained at this workshop helped shaped my career and guided my choice in pursuing a professional master in Biotechnology.

5. Can you identify instances where you were dissatisfied with your leadership or received constructive feedback from others about it?
A: My position as the lab Process Optimizer has no direct report meaning that I am a team of 1. With this being said, I wasn’t really sure of how to go about to get some work done and was under the assumption that I had to perform every single task attributed to me.This sometime lead to me having to work late to meet datelines. Looking at this, my manager called me and explained to me that my position even though not having any direct report, is that of a subject matter expert and therefore, however, will sometime have to rely on the direct report of other resource managers to get specific task accomplish. She urged me to learn how to delegate and in the process, had me registered for a project management course.

6. Has there been an instance in your life where you have felt like a victim?
A: As I mentioned in the discussion thread about the ethical manager, I have had to jump employment ship because the direction given by the leaders were not in sync with my vision and understanding of the task that needed to be performed. I felt like a victim because I felt the message that was being conveyed to me didn’t seem to match what was expected of me. During my first employment out of college, I had to work on a project for validation of reagents. Couple of month after submitting the...

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